"We are here to win medals": Nuria Diosdado |  Interview

the artistic swimmer Nuria Diosdado became the maximum winner in the history of the Central American and Caribbean Games during the joust held in San Salvador, adding a total of 18 gold medals of the competition to his sporting credit.

In an exclusive interview for Aristegui Newsthe three-time Olympian shared her happiness and pride after the achievements obtained during the Saint Savior 2023highlighting the great performance of his team that once again raised the name of the national delegation.

Now, Nuria will seek to repeat the successes with her teammates in the 19th FINA World Championship (International Swimming Federation), to be held from July 14 to 30 in Fukoka, Japan, and which will serve as one more test before the Pan American Games Santiago 2023which will serve as a qualifying platform for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The 32-year-old swimmer had her debut in the senior artistic swimming team (formerly synchronized swimming) just in the JCC of Cartagena 2006 and, since then, he has participated in five editions of the Central American competition, now guiding, 17 years later, the Mexican delegation.

I am very proud of what has been done, of the race, of the route. I have not done it alone. They are medals that I have made together with my teammates, those who are here right now and those who have been and have accompanied me all these years.

18 gold medals It is the historical mark recently set by the swimmer, who also highlighted that she could have broken in the previous edition of the Games, since she has six medals more, earned during Mayaguez 2010but what were withdrawals due to positive doping generated by a medical substance consumed by the athlete.

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With everything and those retired medals, we broke the record. And that speaks of what artistic swimming is. It is not what Nuria is, but what artistic swimming in Mexico is.

Now, Diosado mentioned that he has his head in the Panamerican Gamesregarding which he highlighted “It is the most important event” of its 2023 because the Olympic places are played and that they will have greater meaning for her, since, after a long sporting career, they could be part of her last olympic cyclebut which I reserve to assure will mark his retirement.

I am going to reserve myself until my time at the Olympic Games in Paris ends, and a due rest, I will reserve the final decision, I have dedicated so many years to it and of course I know that there is an end. I know that the sports career, in the end for athletes has a cycle […] however, to speak today of a specific retreat, I would not like to do so.

In Paris Nuria will look for her fourth Olympic Games to put the name of Mexico once again. “Mexico obviously can go dream.”

Regarding that the CONADE (National Commission for Physical Culture and Sport) challenged the protection established by a judge to restore the sports scholarships and use of facilities to the artistic swimmers and swimmers, Nuria declared:

That is a legal issue that our attorney is handling. We are focused on what is ours, we are a team that is here to play sports, to do what we are doing, to win medals for Mexico. We are doing it as best we can with the support of many people and that is what really matters to us.

After the shelter, the swimmers have reinstated their scholarships by CONADE prior to the Games but have not received payments for the previous months, even during the suspension of scholarships. “What we have always said, simply that it be fair. We are a team that does not deserve to be punished in this way”, “We have nothing to do with these political issues”.

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To close the interview, Nuria gave a last message to the national delegation that continues its participation in El Salvador.

We wish the entire Mexican delegation to continue collecting medals. This is barely half over and you will surely see many historic performances for our country.


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