Minister rejects that INE gave the 'green light' to Morena events

The counselor of National Electoral Institute (INE) Uuc-kib Espadas Ancona pointed out that the decision of the Complaints and Complaints Commission taken last Wednesday regarding the complaint of the alleged carrying out of anticipated campaign acts by the Morena aspirants, did not mean giving the “green light” to said events.

Espadas Ancona explained that these are “substantial issues that are not for this Commission to resolve” but rather for the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary (TEPJF).

“The Court will be the one that can resolve the merits of the matter and, consequently, we will know if this is a pre-campaign,” said the counselor.

Counselor Espadas specified that although he does not share the Commission’s decision, it does not mean that a “green light” has been given to these acts.

However, he said, the fact that the pre-campaigns are brought forward “engages society in a debate that was constitutionally decided not to take place for several months.”

During the ForumCoparmex Uniting Minds”organized within the framework of the 25th anniversary of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (COPARMEX) Mexico City, Espadas Ancona said that the risk of an electoral conflict does not depend on the integrity of the elections.

“The lack of conviction that power is settled at the polls makes different political forces feel that what came out of the polls is not what should have come out and that, consequently, it is illegitimate, even if they are real votes. That seems to me to be the only possible nutrient today with this electoral system of a post-electoral conflict, ”he indicated.

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Espadas Ancona also mentioned that the ability of the electoral authority to monitor the use of money is much higher today than it was before, “but there is still a problem with cash circulating underwater outside of events that the authority can look out”.

“What this arbitrator can offer society is that never again will the electoral apparatus, the Federal Register of Voters, the ballot boxes, the polling booths themselves, ever be able to – they have not been for a long time – and never again be able to be used as the space where fraud operates,” he said.

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