Charges against Alec Baldwin have been dropped

Prosecutors in the ‘Rust’ case have charged the film’s gunsmith, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, giving a bag of cocaine someone else the night after Halyna Hutchins’s death.

According to the judicial file, Gutierrez-Reed received the accusation last week and, if the case is confirmed, the prosecution alleges that interfered in the investigation into the death of Hutchinstrying to hide the evidence from the authorities.

The gunsmith was already on trial for manslaughter for placing a loaded gun in the hands of actor Alec Baldwin. Prosecutors have claimed that Gutierrez-Reed had been drinking and smoking marijuana in the afternoons during production.Therefore, she was probably hungover or under the influence of alcohol and said drugs when the shooting occurred.

The prosecution confirms that it has a confidential witness who will testify how Gutierrez-Reed gave him the drugs upon returning from his first police interview. Kari Morrissey and Jason Lewis are the two special prosecutors in the case and both are seeking an order to keep the identity of the witness hidden, since according to the motion, he fears being “blacklisted” in the film industry in the face of your future job.

As for Baldwin, he was also initially charged with negligence for firing the gun and killing the cinematographer, but their charges were dropped.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed’s defense

Gutierrez-Reed’s attorney has objected. to the order sought by the prosecutors, alleging: “the State wants to publish salacious accusations about Ms. Gutierrez-Reed in a secret proceeding that is not allowed by the provisions of the Constitution. If the State really believes these accusations, why the secrecy ?” attorney Jason Bowles said in an email.

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Besides, Bowles has called for the case to be dismissed, citing various irregularities and errors the prosecution made.. He previously stated that said tampering accusation was “vengeful and seeking retaliation“and that this was presented without witness statements or prior notification.

The prosecution is aware that the witness’s identity will come to light sooner or later, but following his wishes, he wants to keep his identity hidden for as long as possible. Gutierrez-Reed has been called upon to make her first appearance for the new role on July 19 via Google Meet. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for August 9. and will last approximately one week.

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