Government of Mexico rejects Florida anti-immigrant law that enters into force

The Government of Mexico expressed this Saturday its rejection of the SB 1718 law, which severely punishes undocumented immigrants and those who help them and which entered into force on this day in Florida.

“It is considered that SB 1718 will affect the human rights of thousands of people, Mexican girls and boys, exacerbating hostile environments that can lead to acts or hate crimes against the migrant community. This measure does not reflect his valuable contribution to the economy, society and culture of Florida, and the country, ”said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) in a statement.

The agency established that the Government of Mexico, through the Consulate General of Mexico in Miami and the Consulate of Mexico in Orlando, believes that criminalization is not the appropriate path to resolve the phenomenon of undocumented immigration.

He went on to ensure that the existence of transnational labor markets and the intensity of commercial and tourist ties between Mexico and Florida cannot be ignored by measures “inspired by sentiments of xenophobia and white nationalism“.

This law will affect, the agency assured, the bilateral relationship between neighboring countries, as it ensures that both Mexico and USA they have made an effort to jointly build “pathways of tolerance, security and respect” from which SB 1718 distances them.

“He Government of Mexico will use all the resources at its disposal to defend the rights and dignity of Mexican people in Florida. Our actions of assistance, consular protection and legal advice will be reinforced, and we will continue to look after the interests of our entire community, regardless of their immigration status”, established the SRE.

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In addition, with the support of civil society organizations that defend human rightsMexico will register possible cases of violations of the rights of Mexicans in Florida and migrants will be given all the information about the new law.

This Saturday the dreaded SB 1718 law came into force in fear of fear and protests. So much so that organizations immigrants convened this Saturday in Miami the Migration Convention Mexico, Central and South America, whose objective is to define an action plan with strategies and concrete objectives against Senate Bill 1718 and the policies of Governor Ron DeSantis.

The new law, which is part of a package of more than 200 approved this year by the Florida Congress, including some others of a ultraconservativeforces companies with more than 25 workers to use an official immigration status verification program for each one, under penalty of fines and loss of license.

In addition, hospitals that accept the public health insurance (Medicaid) must ask and record if their patients are legal residents or not.

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