Videos |  They cut the National Anthem and Mexicans continue to sing it at the JCC San Salvador 2023

After the Mexican Soccer Team Sub 23 the gold medal will be hung by beating 2-1 Costa Rica in the men’s final, during the commemoration of the award ceremony, they reproduced the National Anthem of Mexico; however, it was not fully heard at the Las Delicias National Stadium.

This Thursday night the Mexican team was crowned in first place in that coliseum, during the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023. At the end of the game, the podium was placed in the center of the field and the Mexican soccer players climbed to the number one spot.

Later, with their gold medal hanging around their necks, the Mexicans began to sing the National Anthem. along with the music that resounded throughout the stadium.

However, they only reproduced the music of the choir of the patriotic symbol; despite this, Mexican soccer players continued to sing it until the end of the first stanza of the hymn.

Likewise, the Mexicans who attended as assistants to appreciate the game also accompanied the athletes singing the national anthem.

Regarding the party, after the paper made in Barranquilla 2018where the national team was the last of its group, the Mexican squad under the command of gerardo espinoza had a vindictive performance and won the gold medal for the seventh time in the history of the Central American jouststhe last one, in Veracruz 2014.

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