'Mission Impossible 2'

When it comes to taking stock, a necessary exercise if one seeks to make a judgment as close as possible to reality, it is clear that ‘Mission Impossible’ has become, due to the multiple merits of its seven installments released to date, a one of the most memorable sagas in the history of action movies. And, well, from the history of the seventh art to dry.

And it is that, from the monumental ‘Mission Impossible’ that the great Brian de Palma and our idolized Tom Cruise gave us, this universe of spies, lies, outbursts, persecutions, charismatic villains and unforgettable heroes, with Ethan Hunt at the helm, has not ceased to bring joy to the public for almost three decades. Millions of viewers and viewers who, to a greater or lesser extent, almost always in the first option, have celebrated in style the reunion with a saga that ensures (us) hours and hours of entertainment.

The newcomer ‘Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part I’ has not been an exception, far from it, a film that has been celebrated as a new peak in a saga that, as we see in this special, has had the constant favor of a box office surrendered to its numerous and indisputable charms. Triumphs as justified as deserved.


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