Summer holidays, the last bet of Santiago Segura

Santiago Segura has starred in one of the most notorious -and successful- reconversions in the history of Spanish cinema. The actor and director, who reached the top with the Torrente saga, decided one fine day to completely change his focus and focus on family cinema. And the move, against all odds, was a success.

Maybe the change shouldn’t have surprised us so much. After all, all people are more naughty in their youth and, later, they tend to settle down and start a family. Segura has done so professionally and we must admit Madrid’s ability to understand and connect with the Spanish public.

But, What has been your most successful stage? The truth is that it is difficult to compare these two stages, which have taken place in two very different periods of Spanish cinema. However, for now, it seems that the hooligan Segura wins over the familiar.

The incredible success of Torrente

‘Torrente, the stupid arm of the law’ was released in theaters in 1998 becoming an almost instant success. The cañí y casposo police parody hooked the public surpassing 3 million viewers in a room where, moreover, it was Santiago Segura’s first film.

If the Torrente saga has had something versus the current Segura, it was their distance in time: Between one film and another, between 3 and 6 years passed., when now the director used to release a new film every summer. The peak of Torrente -and his career- of him was with the second film, which exceeded 5.3 million viewers and, updated to inflation, the 35 million euro collection. It is thus placed as the eighth highest grossing Spanish film in history and the sixth by viewers.

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In total, the Torrente saga has achieved an average of more than 3.2 million viewers.

Family Segura: more prolific and regular

When Segura premiered ‘Father there is no more than one’ in 2019, few expected the beginning of a new type of cinema for the director. With a release a year since then, Segura has been the highest grossing director in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

On average, your family movies score an average of 2.2 million viewers, a million less than the “hooligans”, although they have also been, in general, much cheaper to make. And the second installment of ‘Father there is only one’ had to deal -successfully- with the reopening of theaters after the pandemic. They have also been more regular, with one premiere per year.

The only thing that escapes Santiago Segura is, for now, the international market. He is one of the names among the highest grossing directors in Spain who has not been able to transfer his success beyond our borders like JA Bayona, Alejandro Amenábar or Pedro Almodóvar. Even the very authentic ‘Ocho apellidos vascos’ managed to sneak into the 2010 ranking.

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