RFK Jr. Denies Report That He Suggested COVID-19 Was 'Ethnically Targeted' – Despite Video Proof He Did (Video)

Marjorie Taylor Greene took aim at Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Saturday during the Turning Point Action Conference, saying she believes his anti-vaccine stance is a Trojan horse for some of his more “far, far left” policies.

“There’s a lot of Republicans that have been fooled by him,” she said, speaking with Right Side Broadcasting at the West Palm Beach, Florida, convention ahead of appearances from Tucker Carlson and former President Donald Trump. Watch the video here.

Asked about Kennedy’s position in the Democratic Party, as well as some bubbling support in the Republican Party, Greene said, “I really agree with his position on the vaccines, it’s been my position all along. I have been totally against the COVID vaccines since Day 1… So I agree with Bobby Kennedy on a lot of things. But I tell you what, I think there’s a lot of Republicans that have been fooled by him. He’s not a Republican, everyone! He’s very much a Democrat.”

The Georgia congresswoman continued, saying that “some of his policies are far, far left.”

“They’re not the policies I want. They should not be the policies that you want. But everyone does like some things about him, like his positions de él on the COVID-19 vaccines, his position de él on holding the CIA and other agencies accountable, ”Greene concluded.

Kennedy has apparently gained some traction from Republicans for his stance on COVID-19 vaccines, as well as some of foreign policy positions, namely opposition to President Biden’s military support of Ukraine.

Greene, who is gunning for a Trump re-election in 2024, just this past week called for Biden to pull out of NATOsaying they weren’t a reliable “supporter.”


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