A wave of strong heat runs through Europe and brings the Old Continent to record temperatures

The anticyclone that pushes very warm air from Africa to Europewhich in Italy has been baptized as “Caronte”, has already triggered thermometers in the southern Mediterranean, while in the center and east of the Old Continent the heat wave also arouses fears of fires and health problems among the most vulnerable .

In Italy Maximum temperatures are expected to be around 47 degrees in the next few days on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia and historical records will be broken in some parts of the country, with milestones never seen in Rome with up to 42 degrees Celsius for the next few days.

However, the activity in the Roman streets does not decline and the city remains crowded with tourists without, for the moment, considering the closure of the monuments in cities such as Rome, Florence or Venice, as they had to do on the weekend. spent in Athens with the Acropolis. Concern also in alpine areas, since “a true language of fire of Saharan extraction” will cause maximum values ​​of up to 28-30 degrees to be recorded at 1,500 meters of altitude.

Spain It has already overcome two heat waves since the summer solstice began in June, but this week it arrives with an intensity that “will not be normal or usual”, which will favor extremely high temperatures, between 40 and 44 degreesand tropical nights, in which the mercury will not drop below 25 degrees in some Spanish cities.

According to the State Meteorological Agency, this powerful anticyclone, which covers the entire central and western area of ​​the Mediterranean basin, drives “very warm air from North Africa”, which favors atmospheric stability, without much ventilation, accumulating heat near Of the surface.

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More than half the country is on alert, especially Andalusia, where the provinces of Córdoba and Jaén are in the red level of extreme risk due to highs of up to 44 degrees.

In Francethe weather service has activated an orange alert for heat on the French Mediterranean façade, where temperatures could reach up to 40 degrees on Tuesday in the interior of Provence.

In the Balkans, the wave means temperatures of 40 degrees that there will be even more and growing risks, both for fires and for the health of the citizens of Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia and Slovenia.

To help the citizens in Tirana, cisterns with water have been installed in the main streets of the capital.

In Serbia “thermometers are burning”, warn the media, announcing for this Monday “tropical 40 degrees” in various parts of the country, with Belgrade at 39 degrees, and advise avoiding sun exposure due to the high level of ultraviolet radiation .

Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia are also going through the height of the heat wave these days, with temperatures between 34 and 40 degrees, which the local media define as “extreme”, and the tourist region of the Adriatic port of Split has issued warnings of weather red alert due to heat.

In Türkiyesupported by planes and helicopters, Turkish firefighters are fighting this Monday against the flames of about twenty forest fires that broke out last weekend in three provinces of the country, in the midst of a heat wave with temperatures of up to 38 degrees, which this Monday they could arrive at 40 degrees.

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These unusual temperatures, close to 40 degrees in central and eastern Europe, has also sounded alarm bells in countries like Romania or Bulgariawhere fires and health problems for the most vulnerable population are feared.

The maximum temperatures in Romania touch on Monday the 40 degrees in the shade, with thunderstorms, torrential rains and intense wind gusts forecast in the west, northwest and in the mountainous areas of Transylvania in the coming hours.

Bulgaria will also experience sweltering heat this week, according to forecasters, whose predictions point to more than 40 degrees Celsius in the cities of Russe, on the Danube, and Sandanski, near the border with Greece.

In Austriathe thermometers exceeded 35 degrees last weekend, with peaks of up to 37 degrees in some points of the alpine republic, which would have lived like this, and accompanied by several storms, the culminating point of the current wave.

In this city, as well as in Linz, the environmentalist party “Greens” organized a campaign to offer free water in many commercial establishments, while the Red Cross has opened refrigerated rooms and invited the population to take refuge in them free of charge so that the body can recover from heat stress.

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With 39 degrees Celsius forecast for this Monday in some areas of southern Hungarythe authorities of this Central European country have declared the “red code”, the maximum heat alert, in the provinces of Bács-Kiskun, Csongrád-Csanád and Békés.

Slovakia The generalized heat will also experience from this Monday, with maximums of 33 degrees in the city of Komárno, to the south, and 31 degrees in Bratislava, and most of the Slovak territory will live under electrical storms and rains from this Monday until the end of month.

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