In self-defense, 11-year-old girl stabs attackers in Tepic

On Sunday night, in the Colonia Santa Cecilia de Tepic, a woman, upon arriving at her home was beaten by three men and a womana situation that led her daughter, an 11-year-old girl to defend both.

The girl’s mother was left unconscious on the sidewalk while receiving the blows, for this reason the girl entered the home, took out a knife and with it he stabbed two of the men who are his uncles in the back.

The first reports refer that the bullies are familiar with each other and that the intellectual author of the attack could be the ex-partner of the woman who was beaten.

The two men who were injured They went to the Tepic Civil Hospital on their own feet to be treated for back injuries.

The assaulted woman was also taken to a hospital, while the attacker was detained by elements of the state police, who also They went to the hospital to do the errands. correspondents and investigate what happened.

So far it is known that the state of health of one of the aggressors is seriousbecause it presents a perforation in a lung.

The girl was not detained, because she is inimputable as a person under 12 years of age, in accordance with the provisions of Article 4. Girls and Boys of the National Law of the Comprehensive Criminal Justice System for Adolescents.

This article says about these people, that “those who are attributed the commission of an act that the law indicates as a crime will be exempt from criminal responsibility, without prejudice to any civil liabilities that may ariseā€.

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