No country in the world has achieved full gender parity: UN

No country has yet achieved the “gender parity total“, and less than one percent of the world’s women and girls live in nations where there is a gap of small gender, indicated this Tuesday in Rwanda UN Women and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)in a new report.

“The international community has committed to gender equality and the empowerment of women. However, we can clearly see from these new studies that in all countries the women they cannot yet reach their full potential and gender gaps are common,” said UN Women Executive Director, sima bahouswhen submitting the report.

Both organizations proposed two new indices to assess the situation of women in the world and “pave the way for targeted interventions and policy reforms”: the Women’s Empowerment Index (WEI, for its acronym in English), and the Global Gender Parity Index (GGPI).

According to Bahous, these tools “capture essential aspects of gender equality that previously went unnoticed or not addressed”.

The WEI measures the power and freedom of women to make decisions and seize opportunities, while the GGPI assesses the status of women relative to men in the main issues of human development (health, education, inclusion and decision-making). decisions).

The two UN organizations warned that, according to both new indices, “women are empowered to achieve on average only 60% of their full potential” and “achieve the 72% of what men can achieve in terms of human development”.

“Analyzing data from 114 countries, the indices show that 3.1 billion women and girls live in countries characterized by low or medium performance in terms of women’s empowerment,” said UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner.

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The executive director of UN Women concluded that “sustained efforts are needed to fulfill the promises of gender equality, guarantee the human rights of women and girls, and fully guarantee their fundamental freedoms.”

The report was presented this Tuesday in Kigali, the Rwandan capital, on the occasion of the Women Deliver 2023 Conference (WD2023), which is held until next Thursday. EFE

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