They release the orderly who transferred a 6-year-old girl pressed in an IMSS elevator

The general director of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo Aburto, reported that a technical group at the central level of the institution, maintains three investigations into the case of Aitana, the girl who died pressed in the elevator of Hospital 18 in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo , one of them, related to the maintenance company, another to the equipment purchase contracts, and one related to the line of work.

An internal labor investigation has already started, and this includes the hours before the accident when maintenance personnel went to the hospital; secondly, an investigation into the contracts, which since January 2019 various IMSS delegations gave to the SITRAVEM companies, is the company that we have sued, and also an investigation into the acquisition of Hitra brand elevators, which It happened in 2016,” he said.

Through a video message, Robledo Aburto said that the institution collaborates with the Attorney General of the Republic and the Coordination of Expert Services and forensic industrial security expertsso that the case does not go unpunished.

This will not go unpunished, as CEO, as I told Aitana’s parents, here we have to find all those responsible, we have to go as far as we can, and I will make sure that they receive the sanction that in justice corresponds to them; The damage to the family, the indignation of society for this loss, is irreparable and therefore, in dignity to his memory, there can be no impunity, ”he explained.

He also announced that the IMSS Technical Council approved providing aid measures to Aitana’s family, between medical attention, health insurance and permanent psychological accompaniment to the family nucleus, also educational scholarships for his older siblings aged 17 and 20.

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The same way they will be granted economic measures “That attend to the emotional sphere and economic measures, that attend to the material,” said the head of the IMSS, who assured that he had already met the family of the aggrieved girl.

Zoe Robledo said that there will be constant monitoring for this familyabout which they seek reparation, memory and justice, for which he stated that he will personally seek to know the truth about the event.

“So I assume, the truth about the causes of the event must be knownthere has to be justice, responsibility has to be established, there have to be measures of non-repetition”, stated the federal official.

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