Christopher Nolan hits the target again with his new film, ‘Oppenheimer’. The first reviews of the film starring Cillian Murphy and Matt Damon have already appeared, which is already in theaters, and most consider it one of the best of 2023, as well as one of the best biopics ever created. In Rotten Tomatoes currently has a score of 92%, so it seems that Nolan has outdone himself again. Let’s see what the critics say about the film.

Regarding whether this is the film of the year, many are clear. Nick Schager of The Daily Beastthinks it is: “The best movie of 2023 and one of the best biopics ever made.” Maggie Lovitt of Millennial Falcon Reviewsalso comments: “Unless Hollywood has a hidden blockbuster waiting in the wings, ‘Oppenheimer’ is poised to be the best movie of 2023.” It seems that critics agree that ‘Oppenheimer’ will be on all year-end lists.

Let’s move on to the script, which is in charge of Nolan himself, of which David Gonzalez of The Cinematic Reelcomment the following: “Arguably Christopher Nolan’s best screenplay yet, ‘Oppenheimer’ weaves together a three-act structure that can be broken down into these unique entities; a rich, character-driven reconstruction, a tension-filled thriller, and a politically tied courtroom drama.” On the other hand, Ross Bonaime from Collidercomments that: “Nolan has created an incredibly dense script that never feels too convoluted, a feat in itself, considering the number of timelines and characters that are included in the set.”

Cillian Murphy, Nolan’s regular collaborator, stars in the film. About the actor, Owen Gleiberman of VarietyExplain: “Cillian Murphy, with a thousand-yard beam, the half-smile of an intellectual rake, and a way of keeping everything in check, gives a phenomenal performance as Oppenheimer, which makes him fascinating and multi-faceted.” Collider’s Ross Bonaime adds, “Murphy’s version of Oppenheimer will go down as one of the greatest performances ever captured by Nolan’s camera.”


“It speaks to the caliber of this cast that there isn’t enough room to praise the excellent Kenneth Branagh, Casey Affleck and Rami Malek, who all make a steak out of a slice of roast beef,” he comments. Johnny Oleksinski of the New York Poston secondary performances. Sheraz Farooqi, from Cinema Debatethinks about Robert Downey Jr. the following: “Downey should be a favorite for the awards circuit. A Best Supporting Actor nomination could be the key.”

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Something also highly commented on the film has been the visual and sound section. David Gonzalez of The Cinematic Reel believes that: “Hoyte van Hoytema continues to impress as one of the world’s best cinematographers. The film, shot on IMAX 70mm cameras, stands as one of IMAX’s crowning achievements with stunning imagery. that will leave moviegoers at the end of the film”. Although the visual section stands out, the sound section has had some buts. Fred Topel of United Press Internationalfinds that: “Ludwig Göransson has written a fine score, but its constant use is tiring… Nolan may have taken criticism of his films’ inaudible dialogue to heart and strove to keep the dialogue at least as audible as the music.”


In a film of about three hours we might come to think that the pace could drop, but Danielle Solzman, from Solzy at the Moviesadds that: “At no point does this movie feel slow because it held my attention every minute.” D.David Rooney of the Hollywood Reportergives his vision of the long film: “It’s more simmering than explosive.”

female representation

Although the film is being praised for all its sections, the only one that could have been improved is the portrait of the women. “Although efforts were made, it cannot be denied that this film ignores the female characters,” comment Jordan Hoffman from The Messenger. Fue Topel of United Press International adds that: “Despite attempts to include three significant female characters in a male-dominated story, the three women fare poorly enough to suggest that it might have been less obvious to stick to the military story.”

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Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan opens this Thursday, July 20 in our theaters.


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