Actor and comedian Jim Gaffigan says says his stand-up act has had to evolve during the Trump era as audiences have become more jaded and cynical.

Gaffigan, the star of the HBO drama series “Full Circle,” appeared Tuesday on “The View” to promote his latest stand-up special, “Dark Pale.”

“I mean, we’ve been through hell, right?” Gaffigan said. “As a people, we’ve been through hell for like six or seven years. And I think there’s a sarcasm and a sardonic nature that’s kind of come into effect.

“And this is my 10th special. I’m just trying to get my dad to like me. Hopefully it’ll work,” Gaffigan said to laughs across “The View” table before co-host Joy Behar joked that Gaffigan and Donald Trump Jr. had “the same problem.”

Behar then asked Gaffigan about a story published Tuesday in The New York Times that said the actor and comic was “getting edgier and edgier.”

Gaffigan said was flattered by the write-up in “the hometown paper” and that he loves stand-up.

“It’s all self-assignment,” the “Drunk Parents” star said. “The relationship you have with the audience has to evolve. I feel like people really are getting kind of — there’s a negativity that we have to address.”

Gaffigan, asked whether his children were “impressed by his fame,” said they weren’t unlike other kids who didn’t think much of their parents.

Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Gaffigan (Photo Credit: Mark Seliger)

“I feel like even Einstein, when he came home, he was like, ‘I just won a Nobel Prize in physics,’ and they were like ‘Yeah, but you missed my baseball game.’

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Watch Gaffigan’s full appearance on “The View” in the video at the top of this post. A trailer for Gaffigan’s Prime Video stand-up special, “Dark Pale,” is below.

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