Although many may argue which is the best franchise, Pokemon Y Yu-Gi-Oh! gave the world main characters like Ash Ketchum and Yugi Muto, who are almost equally known and appreciated by fans. Not only that, but Yugi’s deck and Ash’s collection of Pokémon are memorable in their own way and help define those characters.

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On that note, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to hear “what if?” discussions about these characters and what monsters from both universes they would like to have. In particular, if Yugi entered the world of hunting and trapping Pokémon, what kind of team would he build?

10 I would like: Umbreon because of his type and experience with humans

Umbreon is ready for battle

Not only is Umbreon’s pre-evolution a Pokémon that should exist in the real world, it would also land a spot on Yugi’s team. With dueling monsters like Dark Magician, Summoned Skull, and others, Yugi would gravitate towards Umbreon due to his type and familiarity with dark creatures.

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On that note, online resource Bulbapedia states that Umbreon species are used to being around people despite their dark writing. Considering how they like games Pokémon Coliseum featured the main protagonist with a partner Espeon and Umbreon, it wouldn’t be surprising if Yugi wanted one.

9 I would not: Salamence due to his uncontrollable attitude when activated

Salamence is helping his coach

Considering that Salamence is a Pokémon that many argue should not exist in the real world due to its questionable habits, Yugi may wish to stay away from this dragon. Salamence can be a powerful, fearsome, and dangerous creature that Yugi could use to intimidate people, but the carefree nature of the Salamence species can cause Yugi trouble.

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According to Bulbapedia, Salamence species tend to be exalted creatures and easy to unleash. If angered by an opposing Pokémon, Salamence would suffer an uncontrollable rampage that would destroy everyone in its path. To avoid harming innocents, Yugi would avoid Salamence.

8 I would like: Gardevoir because they will remain loyal and protect you from harm

Gardevoir is waiting

Although the Gardevoir species is not one of the most powerful pets and animal companions in anime, their loyalty and respect towards trainers would encourage Yugi to catch one. Considering Yugi’s attachment to his duel monsters Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl, he would bond with Gardevoir and his magical abilities.

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Despite Gardevoir’s dangerous abilities like summoning mini black holes, he can serve as another form of protection for Yugi, especially in the real world. Gardevoir’s teleportation powers are freezing if Yugi ever wanted to travel anywhere.

7 I wouldn’t want to: Snorlax because they can cost you food and money

Snorlax cheerfully greets someone

Despite Yugi’s attachment to strange duel monsters like Kuriboh, he wouldn’t want a Snorlax on his Pokémon team. Although Yugi is not an anime character who loves food as much as Goku from Dragon Ball, you wouldn’t want a large Pokémon like Snorlax to roam around eating everything in sight.

According to Bulbapedia, Snorlax requires 900 pounds of food every day, and knowing that Yugi’s lack of food obsession can cost him a lot of funds to keep his Snorlax from going crazy. So, for the safety of Yugi’s wallet and potentially his deck, I wouldn’t want a Snorlax.

6 Would like to: Aegislash because of his familiarity with sword and shield duel monsters

Aegislash is in its defense form

One Pokémon that would resonate well with Yugi’s top ten most used cards in his deck is Aegislash. With defensive capabilities that could rival Yugi’s Big Shield Gardna dueling monster and offensive power that would give his Celtic Guardian a challenge, Aegislash would draw Yugi in.

Not only will Aegislash provide a great offensive and defensive role in Yugi’s team, but his supernatural powers like Shadow Sneak or Shadow Ball will pique Yugi’s interest even more. Basically, you will get access to a Pokémon that can not only protect you from harm, but will remind you of your many victories in the past.

5 I would not: Gengar because they are pranksters who go too far

Gengar is very happy to be on the battlefield.

Despite Yugi’s fondness for dark duel monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Gengar’s rude, heinous, rude antics can immensely anger and annoy Yugi. According to Bulbapedia, the Gengar species loves to scare and prank innocent Pokémon and people without regretting their actions.

Not only that, but Gengar’s overall design would make him a contender for the scariest monsters in anime. Sometimes the Gengar species will even create traps to steal the life energy within people. To avoid losing his friends to this terrible and neglected Pokémon, Yugi would not want him on his team.

4 I would like: Keldeo because they would motivate him to keep moving forward

Keldeo seems determined

Although Keldeo may resemble creatures that are like Yugi’s worst cards in his deck, this mythical Pokémon’s sense of justice and careful attitude will affect Yugi. Keldeo’s desire to outdo himself along with his never-give-up attitude will also encourage and remind Yugi to keep moving forward.

Not only will Keledo motivate Yugi, but it can also be a formidable Pokémon to have on your team. According to BulbapediaThe Keldeo species tend to endure tough battles to awaken their true powers. Considering Yugi’s curiosity to discover the truth behind the mysteries, he would want to help Keldeo awaken his power.

3 I would not: Primeape because they lack self-control and have anger problems

Primeape wears Ash's hat and poses.

Although Primeape is a formidable fighting-type Pokémon, its fiery attitude and tendency to lose control will keep Yugi from capturing one. According to BulbapediaUnleashing Primeape’s ire is an easy task, as giving it the wrong appearance will put this Pokémon on a rampage.

Not only that, but the Primeape species will get stronger the more someone gets angry. Although this may sound reasonable to Yugi at first, Bulbapedia He claims that Primeapes will go after something that angered him and won’t stop until that individual gets beaten up. Knowing the people from Yugi’s group of friends, it wouldn’t be safe to have a Primeape around.

two I would like: Alakazam due to his incredible psychic powers

Alakzam is ready to fight

Considering Yugi’s adoration by magic users and those with psychic abilities, he would gravitate towards having an Alakazam on his team. Alakzam’s various moves may not only intrigue Yugi’s interest in the Pokémon, it would essentially give Yugi a real-world version of the Dark Magician.

On that note, the Alakazam species can become very intelligent as it ages. According to Bulbapedia, Alakazam can have an IQ of over 5,000 and has a great capacity for memorization. Even better, if Yugi channeled Alakazam’s mega evolution, he would attain an alternate future-sighted power like Ishizu’s Millennium Necklace.

1 Wouldn’t want: Magikarp because they are completely useless in and out of battle

Magikarp is spinning

Despite Yugi’s love for using weak battle monsters and making them appear more powerful than they are, he would not want to train a Magikarp. When it comes to Pokemon games and anime, Magikarp is often envisioned as a weak-minded useless Pokémon that loves to float.

According to Bulbapedia, Pidgeot species often treat Magikarp as their daily food source, proving how helpless and mindless these creatures are. Although Yugi could train a Magikarp to reach his deadly Gyarados evolution, he would likely abandon the idea as soon as Magikarp comes out of a Pokéball, jumping up and flapping his fins.

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