In addition to criticizing Amira Lollysa and her father on Instagram friend from daycare, Andrew Kenton is also using his fame to raise money for a boy’s dream.

Kindergarten guy Andrew Kenton gathered a bit of curiosity regarding his work at 90 day fiancé. When he appeared dressed as a game of Thrones character on screen, fans were waiting for her fairy tale with Amira Lollysa. However, Andrew’s inability to rescue his princess from detention also drew much criticism from him. Now, it looks like Andrew is trying to prove he’s not the “D-bag“which, after all, fans think it is. 90 day fiancé celeb Andrew used his growing popularity to help a child with cancer by raising funds and love.

While Andrew enjoyed spa sessions and gorged on marbled steak in Puerto Vallarta, his 90 day fiancé couple went through a nightmare experience in a Mexican detention center. Indeed, Andrew was criticized for not being able to find a way to meet Amira, but rather for spending his vacation time at a beach resort. And as the 90 day fiancé Star continues to defend herself by saying that she did her best and that it was Amira who hatched the plan, she has also been turning heads with her unconventional work. Not only does Andrew own a daycare in California, but he’s also a published author and, surprisingly, a poet. Her Instagram feed and stories document her daytime duties with her little clients, including the occasional slander from Amira’s father, Hamdi. But while some 90 day fiancé fans are wondering if Andrew has been dumped by Amira due to him using her filters and “hunger for fameIn ways, the Roseville resident has also been showing his Good Samaritan self.

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While most of the others 90 day fiancé stars use their fame to promote slimming teas and OnlyFans, Andrew Kenton has been sharing the love by helping a tough warrior Jaylan. “Let’s reach this goal, guys!“Andrew wrote, while introducing Jaylan, the 11-year-old boy he says he has”a natural comic spark. “The boy from Houston, Tx., Was diagnosed with Crohn’s after sudden stomach pains, according to Andrew. But immediately afterward, Crohn’s diagnosis turned out to be stage 4 colon cancer and Jaylan suffered mentally between doctor appointments and chemotherapy. helpful 90 day fiancé Andrew, his personality, is now on a mission to raise $ 10,000 in February to make Jaylan’s dream of going on a trip to Los Angeles come true.

In his comments, Andrew has also mentioned how Jaylan has an army of followers and hopes to help increase that number. “We will work hard to help your family achieve that dream., “Wrote 90 day fiancéAndrew. We hope the helpful Andrew will be able to make the boy’s wish come true with the help of his television fame. And although Andrew’s future with Amira remains in limbo in 90 day fiancéIt could also have made your Frenchman’s wish to stay in America come true.

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