Big Ed’s rude behaviors have been well documented in Boyfriend 90 Days: Before 90 Days. Does the reality star have her own brand of mayonnaise for hair?

“Big Ed” Brown has established himself as one of the most hated personalities in the 90 day fiancé franchise for numerous reasons. The often rude and disgusting reality star and popular meme image have found their face on the Hellman Mayonnaise bottle. But is the viral image real?

The sprawling franchise has introduced many colorful personalities in the past seven years, but many viewers have found that Big Ed’s bizarre and rude behaviors are unparalleled. Big Ed made his reality television debut in 90 day fiancé: before 90 days with his ex Rosemarie Vega. Single mom Rose, who has become beloved within the franchise, established herself as an internet hero for dumping the older man. While Rose has had a successful YouTube career, many fans are not expecting to see Big Ed return for the new Discovery + show. 90 days: the single life. Big Ed is disliked very much for being grotesque and rude to Rose, who is 31 years his junior, as well as for the rude and bizarre ways he behaved on the show and on social media. An example of their disgusting hygienic behavior is the reality star who uses mayonnaise on her hair to soften colored hair. This strange behavior generated a viral image this week of the reality star on Hellman’s. bottle of mayonnaise.

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On February 11, Reddit user u / Azurebluenomad posted on the sub-Reddit r / 90dayfianceuncensored sharing a photo of Big Ed in a mayonnaise bottle titled “Big Ed got his own branded Hellman’s mayonnaise. “The photo showed a limited edition Hellman mayonnaise container with the text”Mayonnaise and Hair Cream, “With a picture of Big Ed underneath with the claim”Makes hair 60% smoother. “Fans were immediately blown away by the extremely well-edited post that appeared to be a real product, as they worked to cover up whether a real item was actually being offered.”If this is real, I’ll switch to Duke’s ” says one of the main comments of the post, as users have been excited by the idea that the product is real. “I really hope it is edited with Photoshop“commented another user, as many pledged to stop using Hellman Mayonnaise if Big Ed actually had their own limited edition bottle.

Is the bottle real? Fans investigated thoroughly and there is no sign that Big Ed actually has his own mayonnaise. However, the joke was appreciated by many fans of the show who were surprised to see him use the seasoning as a conditioner. A Reddit user provided an update to other users who questioned the validity of the product. “UPDATE: After googling some combinations of this monstrosity, I don’t think it’s real, “the user wrote.”I’m inclined to think that Big Eddo made them himself … but he doesn’t have the technology or a steady hand to carry out a procedure like that, so HA!“Many fans were relieved that Big Ed wasn’t getting more recognition, although they were quick to run with the joke.”Big Ed’s Mayonnaise: “For those special moments when you want to smell like rotten egg salad. Disclaimer: may attract raccoons“joked another user.

Although many viewers are fed up with seeing Big Ed, he will return for the new 90 day fiancé content on Discovery +, even if many viewers aren’t fans of the new streaming service. Meanwhile, Rose continues to thrive as a happy and bright influencer, much to the delight of her fans.

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