90 Day Fiance fans have had their doubts about Avery and Omar, but they have proven the critics wrong. They are celebrating their anniversary.

Avery Mills and Omar Albakour have come a long way since they appeared on 90 day fiancé: before 90 days. The young American and her Syrian husband have overcome many obstacles. Now, they are happily celebrating their second wedding anniversary together.

The couple appeared in the 90 day fiancé Spinoff show from Columbus, Ohio, teen Avery met Omar from Syria on a Muslim dating app. Avery, who converted to Islam before meeting her future husband, faced criticism from her family as her family members did not understand her options. Fortunately, the American has since revealed that her family is very supportive of their relationship. The couple have faced many backlash over the years, including online critics who accuse Omar of abusing and controlling Avery. Avery has stayed strong through gossip and negativity. She managed to deal with disappointment when she learned that Omar would not be able to accompany her to the United States. After spending the first year of their married life apart, the couple moved to Dubai together. Now happily settled in their new home, they enjoy being in the same place.

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The couple shared a sweet post on their joint. Instagram counts on February 11. The post included two images of the couple living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). One snapshot showed them wearing masks, while another showed them in fancy clothes. Avery captioned the post,Happy 2 year marriage anniversary honey 🍯 my favorite love story is ours ❤️ “. Since then, the couple have received hundreds of positive comments from TLC viewers.Remember when you were at the airport and you were so excited to meet your future husband? ” a fan wrote in a comment. Avery responded with two hearts. The comments were generally moving, including, “What a beautiful love story. Your mother must be relieved a hundred times over that Omar is as wonderful to you as you are to him.” Many other fans were quick to praise and bless the couple after their update, with some of them citing Avery and Omar as their favorite couple from the show. “Happy Anniversary of a beautiful couple. May Allah bless you with many more years to come.“another commenter wrote. You can see the couple’s post down:

The couple, who have more than 320,000 followers on Instagram, have received a lot of praise from their fanbase lately. Although Avery has opened up about the discrimination they have faced, it seems like the couple is in a very happy place, with lots of support online to combat the haters. Avery opened up on the couple’s shared YouTube account about converting to Islam before meeting Omar, who she said helped her become the best version of herself. In addition, the American declared that she had no problems adjusting to life in the Middle East. In his opinion, the UAE is much safer than the United States.

Avery and Omar seem to be thriving together in their new home. The couple like to share content on YouTube and Instagram, including Avery’s cooking videos, and they like to answer questions from fans. Although the 90 day fiancé: before 90 days couple firmly stated that they will never return to TLC to film more 90 day fiancé content, they seem to have a lot of other ways to connect with fans.

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