90 Day Fiancé season 8 star Julia Trubkina was shocked when she arrived in America. The Russian beauty is making fun of her situation.

It’s no secret that 90 day fiancé Star Julia Trubkina hasn’t had the best time adjusting to life in the United States. Brandon Gibbs ‘fiancée was shocked to find out that he would be joining her partner on her parents’ farm. Since arriving in Dinwiddie, Virginia, Julia has put her city girl life aside in favor of farm work for her future in-laws. Fans reacted with great humor to the fan favorite star of season 8. “Instagram versus reality” video he shared on his Instagram account.

Back in Russia, Julia was a go-go dancer who enjoyed time with her loving family, as well as traveling, exercising, and dancing. Brandon’s parents, Betty and Ron, soon made it known that her life in America would be radically different from what she was used to in Russia. Strict parents have forced the 27-year-old to do uncomfortable farm work even though she doesn’t like being around farm animals. They have also earned the title of villains of season 8 by making Julia abide by their strict rules.

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Julia shared a video with her followers on February 18, which was captioned, “The expectation and reality of coming to America look to the end! good mood for all of you❤😀😇. “The short parody first features the brunette beauty in a white dress as she flips her hair and drives into the sunset in her brand-new convertible car. The reality check in the video features country music as Julia emerges from a thicket of trees on a tractor dressed in a tank top and a messy bun. You can see Julia’s post below:

Fans found the video to be hysterical as they have been following as Julia tries to adjust to farm life in 90 day fiancé. “You are so funny !!! I love seeing you.” read one of the many positive comments. “It’s so funny! The best member of the cast!” another fan intervened.

Others were quick to remind Julia that life in America is different from life on the farm. “Not all of America is like a farm,“wrote a fan. “You have guts. I have to be in the cities. I could NEVER do the farm life.” Others posted that many Americans live lives that do not include driving tractors and feeding animals.

Other commenters were more critical. “Everyone who comes to the United States thinks that you just leave if the plane and everything is delivered to you … you really hit yourself in the face, work hard and you will have everything you want …” someone else wrote. There are followers who believe that Julia will adjust to her new life over time.

Although fans have been concerned about the way Betty and Ron are treating Julia, there is hope that their relationship is improving. Julia spoke this week about the beloved German Shepherd gifted to her by her future in-laws. Many fans took this as a sign that relations were improving. Meanwhile, Julia and Brandon shared sweet posts for Valentine’s Day. Although they cannot confirm the status of their relationship, many fans believe that 90 day fiancé couple is happily married and probably still lives in Virginia.

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Source: Julia Trubkina / Instagram

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