Are the two children of Larissa Lima Dos Santos still in Brazil? Who cares for the daughter and son of the 90-day fiancé star? Colt Johnson’s ex is telling the truth.

The former star of the hit reality TV show. 90 day fiancé Larissa Lima Dos Santos has been questioned about her children in Brazil since she moved to the United States to marry Colt Johnson. Fans had learned that Larissa had two children, a boy and a girl, who she rarely spoke about on the TLC show. However, no one was able to answer all the burning questions about her children better than Larissa herself, which she finally has on her YouTube channel. The popular creator of adult content and 90 day fiancé Celebrity Larissa broke her silence on Luane and Arry in her new reveal video.

It was on a 2019 episode of 90 day fiancé: happily ever after? that Larissa had surprised viewers and then mother-in-law Debbie by revealing her biggest secret. Larissa telling Debbie about her children after months of rumors took everyone by surprise. the 90 day fiancé The personality had then talked about video calling his children in Brazil every day, and not taking them to the US so he could first “work on your relationship with Colt“Who he had only seen twice in his life. However, Larissa had further shaken her Instagram followers by claiming the father of her son Marcos Hack ”.he was crossdresser and bisexual“That he was cheating on her”with many other men. “The statement that Larissa had released after her arrest also mentioned that she received“really depressed“After their breakup and Marcos’ sister ended up adopting their son Arry. the 90 day fiancé Celeb had revealed on the show that he had just had contact with his daughter, and meanwhile, Marcos lashed out at Larissa claiming that she had left her son. “seven months after birth. “

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Larissa was a nursing student when she met Marcos and interrupted her studies against her father’s wishes to move to another state with her ex-boyfriend. the 90 day fiancé The star was with him for two years later she found herself in another relationship through which Larissa had her daughter. “Once again, I did not have the financial support of the baby’s father., ”Larissa posted on IG and wrote about her father Jonas, a retired military man, who stepped in to provide support. But at the same time, Larissa Lima never mentioned the name of the father of her second child, daughter Luane, who according to 90 day fiancé Queen’s latest YouTube video, she still stays with her parents in Brazil.

My family, my father and my mother, they take care of Luane“Said Larissa and also confessed to helping her daughter”every time” she had “Extra money”Sending it to her. Colt’s ex-wife also stated that while she wishes to pay for Luane’s school, her father Jonas insists that Larissa focus on her own immigration process.

The conversation about Larissa leaving her children in Brazil grew intense with each plastic surgery Larissa spent her money on during her 90 day fiancé spare. Larissa had stated in 2018 that she wanted to open a business “to be able to support“Your daughter, and moving to a”biggie housmy. “And with every Instagram story that has Larissa flaunting her expensive surgeries or luxury purchases, maybe 90 day fiancé Fans who mock her for being an irresponsible mother will not see an end. However, Larissa maintains that the reason she undergoes the surgeries is so she can earn more money for her Brazilian family.

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