Sometimes you have to remove one face and change it for another.

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If you have seen Face / Off, you know how deliciously unhinged the whole thing is. Is a John woo-action movie directed where the bad boy Nicolas Cage and good boy John Travolta swap faces, and that’s literal, and get into all sorts of intricately choreographed antics fueled by chaos. He is mad. Would you like to see something like this with two contemporary movie stars?

Now you can. Deadline informs Face / Off The remake comes from Paramount Pictures, and they have selected an appropriately unhinged director: Adam Wingard, which has the next and highly anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong To trample on all our collective faces Wingard will write the film with his regular collaborator. Simon Barrett, and producers include Neal moritz (the Fast and Furious franchise) and David permut (Crest of the sierra). The details of the plot and cast members have yet to be revealed, but sources are reporting that it will be a total reboot with an entirely new cast.


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Wingard and Barrett have a slew of genre-shifting wild travel movies to their credit, including horror and social comedy. You are next and the “what if John carpenter managed The terminator like a fish out of water high school comedy “antics of The guest. But if Wingard really wants his Face / Off remake to go off the chain in a way that would honor but expand on the original, I humbly suggest that you follow his lead Death Note Netflix adaptation.

That movie is not “good”. But it’s “wild” and rife with imagination, a wacky sense of style, a wickedly ghoulish sense of humor, and unorthodox action-horror sequences, not to mention a narrative focus on the slithering ambiguities of identity. If Wingard can turn that aesthetic into a weapon in the service of a stronger script and get some members of the drug cast to boot, this Face / Off I could shake our faces again

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