Players should choose their appearance wisely, as it can affect whether players think they are innocent. Here are all the aspects of Among Us, ranked from cute to their.

Appearances alone are usually what get players sent off Among us. Why keep the devil horned security guard around, after all, when the plant in overalls is so much less threatening? This article takes a look at the 16 skins in Among us (including the naked crewmate) and ranks them on a scale from cute to their.

In Among us, players can try to convince themselves of a suspicious interrogation from their teammates. However, talking is only one piece of the puzzle, and players must be prepared to appear as innocent as possible from the beginning of a game, whether they are crewmates or imposters.

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Players should also focus on how their teammate looks. In a public Among us lobby, players make their first impressions based on how their character looks, which can then set the tone for how others perceive their actions for the rest of the game. Players must dress for the role they want, which means they must steer clear of their outfits. Screen rant has already classified each Among us cute hat to your, and now is the time to classify each skin.

All Among Us Masks, Classified by Their Sus

Above is a lineup of 16 Among us skins, in order of cutest to most of their. As the labels in the table indicate, the cutest masks are on the left, and they get more and more suspicious as they are placed on the line.

The cutest skin, by far, is that of a skinless crewmate. It’s hard to look more innocent than a naked bean circling a spaceship, especially when paired with a cute hat. The skinless teammate also allows players to avoid preconceived notions about the real-world equivalents of other skins, as they don’t dress as anything in particular. When a player chooses a mask, they must be aware of any stigma that the costume may carry. Costumes that emulate positions of authority can show too much dominance, causing the player to attract unwanted attention.

The next six Among us The skins (Winter Gear, Miner Gear, Hazmat, Astronaut, Mechanic, and Landing Official) are relatively safe options, as their bright colors and cute designs make them appear friendlier. The Winter and Miner gear emit cool, harmless vibes, and the others are attractive too. Even Hazmat skin, while associated with dangerous running, doesn’t look threatening. Her bright orange jumpsuit and shiny boots are quite cute, all things considered. The last three of these skins are associated with friendly hero-type work paths and are designed to be seen as such in-game.

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The next four Among us The skins are not overly suspicious, but they don’t fall into the cute category either. The medic, captain, archaeologist, and security guard are duller colored furs associated with higher positions of authority. Players using any of these are likely to be expected to give direct and logical answers. The player’s margin of error is less, due to the subconscious opinions of others about these career paths. That said, the feigned authority of skins can also work in the player’s favor and make others trust them, but they can also be put on a shorter leash. If a player chooses one of these skins, they better not go out of line.

between us keep the skin

The black suit is a peculiar skin, since its rating of cute to its depends on the accessories of the player. On its own, it gives off a secret agent vibe, which can make other players immediately wary of a black suit wearer. But, combined with a cute hat, the costume could look ridiculous and make others feel more comfortable. If paired with devil horns or a terrifying mask, on the other hand, the costume has an evil connotation, which could make the Among us player looks like their. Players wearing the black suit will need to make sure they are aware of any dangerous signals they may be sending.

The following three skins should be avoided, due to their association with violence. The Wall Guard, Police, and Military skins are essentially the same skin with a different color scheme, and each has a stigma that could be the downfall of the player. Players may feel threatened by the dominating presence of the skins, which, in turn, could make the user a greater target. Unless you are playing a game of cops and robbers or a historical military battle is being reenacted, it is best to leave these aspects in the Among us wardrobe.

The final and most substantial skin of Among us it’s the white suit. This sleek skin screams “evil villain” and looks like something a James Bond antagonist would wear. It doesn’t matter which hat the player chooses to pair with the white suit; it will not change the fact that others will see them as enemies.

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While a player’s fate is ultimately determined by the way they act, it doesn’t hurt to try to appear more innocent than everyone else. Leaving a Among us Full skin and donning a halo may be the safest costume, and could help players dodge some crucial votes.

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