The upcoming animated series Alpha Betas debuts its new trailer, presented by the same studio behind the iconic animated comedy Rick and Morty.

From the studio known for Rick and morty a trailer for the new series is coming Alpha Betas. Created by showrunners David Lee, Chris Bruno and 3BlackDot, the new animated series comes from Starburns Industries, the production company behind Rick and morty. Alpha Betas follows players being digitized by the US government to act as an elite special ops force on covert missions within real video games. It stars famous real-life video game YouTubers Evan Fong (@VanossGaming), Brian Hanby (@Terroriser), Marcel Cunningham (@BasicallyIDoWrk), and Tyler Wine (@WILDCAT).

Courtesy of YouTube channel VanossGaming, where Alpha Betas will be broadcasting, viewers were able to see a full trailer, filled with the same adult humor that Starburns Industries dominated Rick and morty. From sarcastic and irreverent banter to wacky and comically graphic violence played for a laugh, the main characters seem to delight in causing trouble, much to the dismay of government handlers. You can watch the trailer below:

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The action-packed clip features the team inhabiting various games where the operations will take place, some of which resemble popular real-life franchises like Red Dead Redemption Y Obligations. Alpha Betas also stars the voices of Chris Parnell (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy), Paget Brewster (Criminal minds) and Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn nine nine).

Alpha Betas has similarities to another highly anticipated vehicle: Free boy, Ryan Reynolds’ film about a video game character finding his autonomy, which saw its premiere in theaters delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. There are few things more interesting right now than video games and few things more current than virtual participation. As these themes currently resonate with such a wide audience, Alpha Betas is set to be an unexpected hit when it premieres on March 13.

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Source: VanossGaming

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