Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark: Curse of the Shadows doubles the horror with a creepy creature stalking Midnight Society.

Should you be afraid of the dark? Nickelodeon Are you afraid of the dark: the curse of the shadows? has finally arrived, and answers the old question with a resounding Yes. The premiere episode of Are you afraid of the dark: the curse of the shadows?, called “The Tale of the Enchanted Woods”, presents a silent evil that lurks in the darkest places. The Midnight Society, a group of reckless young men, must confront this deceptive threat on their quest to find one of their own. However, their adventure can turn much scarier than the harmless emotions they were seeking when they first met to exchange horror stories.

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The first episode of Are you afraid of the dark: the curse of the shadows? follow the Midnight Society as they join forces to find Connor Stevens (Parker Queenan) after a mysterious shadow appears to capture him. The search is led by Luke McCoy (Bryce Gheisar), a fearless high school student who embarks on the dangerous adventure alongside his noble friend Gabby Lewis (Malia Baker), the prankster Jai Malya (Arjun Athalye), the unsuspecting activist Hannah Romero (Beatriz Kitsos), and his little brother Seth (Dominic Mariche), who accompanies them for the trip. The Midnight Society soon finds the help of Sardo (Ryan Beil), a magic expert who informs the group about Connor’s supernatural kidnapper: the Shadowman (Kyle Strauts).

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Are you afraid of the dark: the curse of the shadows? makes it very clear that the members of the Midnight Society need to arm themselves with a strong instinct if they want to face what awaits them, that considering the mystery surrounding the Shadowman, it promises to grow darker as Luke and his friends get closer. finding out what happened to Connor. “The Tale of the Haunted Woods” plants the seeds for a chilling reveal with a kind of horror that mixes intense frights with a deep sense of suspense that never goes away, creating the illusion that the Shadowman is present at all times. , watching over every move of the Midnight Society.

Are you afraid of the dark curse of the shadows?  Gabby and shadowman

Although suitable for all ages, the horror of You are afraid of the dark It shows that Nickelodeon isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to the chilling factor of the show, yet the main cast’s charisma and moments of lighthearted humor versus fear carry the story of one emotion to the opposite. Are you afraid of the dark: the curse of the shadows? he will clearly continue to plunge into the grim myth of the Shadowman. And as the stakes continue to rise, the Midnight Society’s quest to fight the supernatural entity will lead them to face far more terrifying situations.

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Clock Are you afraid of the dark: the curse of the shadows? on demand or in the Nick app: new episodes on Fridays at 8 / 7c.

This article was written in collaboration with Nickelodeon.

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