Attack on Titan’s Onyankopon casually suggests that the founding Titan and Ymir did not get their power from a diabolical source. Could it be right?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 9, which is now streaming on Crunchyroll, FUNimation, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

How did the terrifying and awesome power of the Titans come about? In Attack on TitanDuring the first few episodes, the nature and origin of the Titans was a total mystery, and learning more about them was the purpose of the Scouts. Finally, the mythology of the Titans came to light: Ymir Fritz received the power of the Devil Titans of All the Earth many centuries ago. But what if everything we think we know is a lie?

Recent events in the story are challenging, and they overwrite virtually every assumption that Paradise Islanders and viewers have made. In Season 4, Episode 9, the origin of the Titans themselves is questioned, and Onyankopon has a new theory: power came from God all the time.

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Alternative creation story of Onyankopon

Attack on Titan onyankopon

Attack on Titan It always had a supernatural feel to it, but now, the scope of the series’ mythology is expanding faster than ever. Many implications come packed with each new theory about how the world and its people came to be. Some theories are used as propaganda in times of war, while others have opposite purposes such as cries for peace and solidarity. For example, the Marley Empire and the Tybur family spread propaganda about the role of the hero Helos in the fall of the ancient Eldian Empire to demonize the Eldians who survive today. Onyankopon’s idea, on the other hand, goes in the complete opposite direction.

According to Onyankpon, the Earth Devil is not the almighty creator of all things and may not even be real at all. Instead, he believes that a singular great God is responsible for creating the world and all of its people, even seemingly lending Ymir the power to become the founding Titan. In his mind, despite their mutual hatred, all the feuding factions and various ethnic groups are children of God, and surely this God would be dismayed to see his beloved creations turning against each other in this way. Armin Arlert is sure that peace is now impossible, due to Eren’s audacious attack on the Marleyan capital, but if Onyankopon is right, then there may be an angle to peace after all.

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Is peace still possible?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Armin

Onyanpokon confidently declares his beliefs in an almighty God and is not afraid of being laughed at. At the very least, this shows you have conviction. But does this conviction arise from a true certainty or from a desperate hope for peace? As long as propaganda and hatred dominate world politics, peace may never return, but if Onyanpokon is right or can convince enough people that he is right, then things may improve.

Eren and Zeke Yeager currently plan to use the millions of Titans within the walls to unleash the “rumble” and warn the world never to cross the Eldians again. This plan, regardless of whether it works or not, will perpetuate division, fear, and hatred, and that’s the opposite of what the God of Onyankopon would want. The Attack Titan is currently a symbol of Eldia’s vengeance, but what if she becomes a messenger of peace, with the God of Onyankopon at the helm?

If the Attack Titan becomes an oversized unit envoy in the name of God, and if enough people back it up, then true peace could return, inch by inch. God is supposed to love all of his creations, after all, and it could be seen that many people in this world actually harm themselves by acting against their heavenly creator. When brother fights brother, nobody wins.

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