Avatar it was one of those rare shows where its side adventures were as entertaining as the main story, so much so that they left fans wanting even more. This is where Avatar comics come in. The comic “The Lost Adventures” that was released by the creators shows various daring (and fun) adventures of Avatar Gang.

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These wholesome adventures are worth turning into funny cartoon episodes. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be, but fans curious about Gaang’s adventures in the comics can take a look below.

10 Book 1: Don’t Blow It – Aang falls down with a case of a cold

If you’re looking for a light story with lots of funny moments, this is the one to read. In this story, Aang suffered from a case of a cold. Because he was an airbender, every time he sneezed, the air came out of his nose with such force that it launched him into the sky like a rocket.

He kept denying the medicine that Katara offered to give him until one of his sneezes blew up his entire camp and caught the attention of the Fire Nation soldiers. After they escaped, Katara tied him up and gave him the medicine.

9 Book 2: It’s Only Natural: The Earth King and Sokka try to teach Bosco how to be a real bear

After the gang escaped from Ba Sing Se with the Earth King, they set up a camp to rest. The Earth King and Sokka took this opportunity to teach Bosco how to be a real bear. This tale is full of funny scenes of Sokka trying to teach Bosco, but unsurprisingly, failing spectacularly.

It also sheds light on why the Earth King decided to leave. The point is that when he saw Bosco trying to be a real bear, he realized that he too had very limited knowledge of the real world. She then decided to leave her previous life behind and explore the world with Bosco by her side.

8 Book 3: No Dubbers Allowed: Sokka decides to make a club exclusively for no Dubbers

Tired of being left out by benders all the time, Sokka decided to make a club exclusively for non-benders. He called it ‘Bendless Boomerangers Club’ and set up a large marquee at the Western Air Temple. Seeing all the good food and cool toys they were playing with, everyone, especially Aang, wanted to join in on the fun.

The next morning, Aang begged and pleaded with Sokka to let him join the club. Sokka relented. When he entered, he saw that the other teachers were already there. The story ended on a hilarious note in which Sokka made all the voice actors take the boomeranger oath.

7 Book 3: Private Fire – Sokka wanted to gather information about the Fire Nation army from within, so he decided to enlist

Sokka made use of his character from ‘Wang Fire’ in this story. He wanted to gather information about the Fire Nation army from within, so he decided to enlist. Once in the army, his clumsiness and suspicious behavior caught the attention of the captain who was watching him closely.

However, with the help of the Avatar gang, he pretended to fight the Avatar alone in a cave while the rest of the soldiers were outside. Toph used Earthbending to collapse the cave, making the rest of the soldiers think she died as they all escaped through the back.

6 Book 2: Sokka The Avatar – With Aang’s help, Sokka pretends to airbend to impress a girl

In this story, Sokka met a cute girl while shopping in a town and told her that he was the Avatar to impress her. With Aang’s help, he even pretended to do airbending so that she would believe him. The news spread like wildfire and soon the entire village gathered around him for advice from ‘the Avatar’.

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Toph and Katara also joined in on the fun helping him show off his Earthbending and Waterbending skills. This eventually caught the attention of some Fire Nation soldiers who tried to capture him, but they were no match for the gang and were defeated within minutes.

5 Book 2: Going Home Again – Answer how Zuko and Mai were suddenly together at the beginning of Season 3

After killing Aang and capturing Iroh, it was time for Azula and her team to return to the Fire Nation. When Zuko refused to accompany them, he decided to put him in contact with Mai to give him the reason to go with them.

She intentionally designed a party for them to go and spend time together. This story is full of sweet moments between Zuko and Mai. Fans were finally able to see them laugh and do normal teen things. He also answers how Zuko and Mai were together suddenly at the beginning of season 3.

4 Book 1: Relics – Aang is caught by Admiral Zhao

On their journey to the Northern Water Tribe, the Avatar gang stopped at a village to rest. At the market, Aang came across a vendor selling an authentic airbender necklace. He tracked the necklace to a secluded spot in the mountains filled with relics of Airbenders.

He expected to find hidden airbenders there, but it turned out to be a trap that Admiral Zhao had set to capture him. Surrounded by so many air nomad relics, Aang used them against Zhao and his men and escaped without a scratch.

3 Book 3: Days of the Dragon – The gang helps a dragon by protecting his egg from poachers

Aang told Zuko about the time he went in search of a dragon with his friend from the Fire Nation, Kuzon. When they reached the cave where the dragon was supposed to live, they saw a group of poachers trying to steal the dragon’s egg. With the help of Appa’s roar, Kuzon’s Firebending, and Aang’s Airbending, they made it appear that the dragon had returned.

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This prompted the poachers to flee the area. The dragon mother attacked Aang and Kuzon, thinking that they were trying to steal her egg, but when she saw Aang save him from falling, she expressed her gratitude by licking it. Fans finally got to see Kuzon in this story.

two Book 3: Bumi vs Toph – Toph and Bumi faced each other to prove who was the greatest earthbender of all time.

Avatar fans have a divided opinion when it comes to the greatest earthbender of all time. Some say it was Bumi; some say it was Toph. It turns out that fans weren’t the only ones divided on this issue. In this story, Toph and Bumi clashed to prove who was the greatest earthbender of all time.

However, the winner could not be determined as they were interrupted by the White Lotus and other members of the Avatar gang. They feared that the commotion and earthquakes these two were causing would alert the Fire Nation soldiers to their whereabouts. Although the question still remains unanswered, it certainly was a match to witness.

1 Book 2: The Bridge – This story fills in all the gaps between Aang’s death in Ba Sing Se and his awakening on a Fire Nation ship.

Book 2: The Bridge 6 Sokka Defeat the Fire Nation Ship Soldier

It showed exactly how Sokka and the other members of the Water Tribe managed to seize the Fire Nation ship.

Sokka came up with a plan to drown the Water Tribe’s own ships to make it look like they had all drowned in the sea. When the Fire Nation soldiers let their guard down, the tribe members sneaked up on the sleeping soldiers at night and easily defeated them.

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