Avatar, the last airbender is one of the most loved animated shows of all time. The best part for fans is the fact that the story didn’t end with the show. The creators have released, and continue to release, comics that expand and enhance the story.

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Comics also give Avatar fans a much needed insight into the “Avatarverse” and show how it changed after the gang ended the Hundred Year War. Fans who have read comics know that comics are a whole world of new stories and important characters, some of whom changed the entire course of Avatar world history.

10 Ty Lee Sisters

1 ty lee and her sisters

In ‘Team Avatar Tales,’ fans finally got to see all six of Ty Lee’s identical sisters. Seeing Ty Lee sad, Toph took her to her old circus to cheer her up. While there, Ty Lee met all of his sisters: Ty Lat, Ty Woo, Ty Liu, Ty Lin, Ty Lao, and Ty Lum.

He was surprised to find that everyone had joined the circus. They were now known as the “Flying Ty Sisters” and were becoming increasingly popular. Ty Lee was shown to be a bit resentful that everyone was doing stunts as that was the only thing that had made her different from all of them.

9 Kiyi

2 kiyi from avatar comics

Kiyi was the daughter of Ursa and Ikem and the half-sister of Zuko. In the “Smoke and Shadow” comic arc, Kiyi was kidnapped by Azula, who was pretending to be a dark spirit and kidnapping the children of Fire Nation.

They were all locked in a room with a giant metal door, but Kiyi used his newly discovered Firebending to melt a hole in the metal door, allowing everyone to escape. Even at such a young age, he was able to accomplish something that not even most adults could.

8 Mother of faces

3 mother of faces

Mother of Faces was a powerful spirit that had made each person’s face with her own hands. He frequented the forest of Forgetful Valley where, each season, he received only one request from humans. She was also the mother of Koh, the face thief.

When he felt the pain in Ursa’s heart, he not only offered to change her face, but also to make her forget all the memories that had caused her pain. It was thanks to their powers that Ikem and Ursa got new faces and were able to start a new life, safe from Ozai’s angry eyes.

7 Ikem / Noren

4 ikem or noren from the comics

Ikem was Ursa’s childhood friend and boyfriend. They were both theater artists and performed on the stage in their hometown. They had been engaged for only one day when Ursa was forcibly taken to marry Ozai.

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Completely heartbroken, Ikem ventured into the Forgetful Valley to escape it all. There, he met the Mother of Faces who gave him a new face. Years later, when Ursa was banished from the Royal Palace, she returned to Hira’a and met him. Then he went by the name Noren.

6 Satoru

5 satoru from avatar comics

The Avatar gang met Satoru for the first time in the comic book trilogy ‘The Rift’. He was an engineer at Earthen Fire Refineries and the nephew of one of their co-owners. Satoru was an intelligent person, having designed several state-of-the-art and improved machines that rendered the role of benders useless.

When various factories followed suit, many benders lost their jobs. It was an inspiration to non-benders, as it was due to its innovations that they felt they could finally match benders.

5 Ukano (Mai’s father)

6 ukano mai's father

Although Ukano appeared very briefly on the show, she became a significantly more important character in the comics. He was Mai’s father and founder of the “New Ozai Society”. The society aimed to remove Zuko from the throne by force and restore Ozai as the Fire Lord.

He tried to assassinate Zuko on his way back to the palace. However, his team was easily defeated by the young Fire Lord. He also participated in Azula’s plan to kidnap the children of the Fire Nation. When Azula retracted her promise to return the children safe and sound to their homes, she realized that she did not care about the children nor did she intend to restore Ozai to the throne. He finally saw the error of his ways and helped rescue all the children.

4 Kei Lo

7 kei lo and mai kissing

Kei Lo was a young man from the Fire Nation who had been orphaned at a young age. He was part of the rebels of the New Ozai Society. He fell in love with Mai and changed his mind, wanting to go out with her, but she didn’t trust him as he was part of the rebels.

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He showed his affection for her when she betrayed their society and fought alongside Mai when they tried to assassinate Zuko. Impressed by his efforts, Mai decided to give him a chance and they dated briefly until she broke up with him later when she realized she still had feelings for Zuko. He also helped rescue Mai’s little brother Tom-Tom from Azula.

3 Raspberry

8 hakoda presents malina and maliq

Malina was a waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. After the war, he came to the South Pole with his brother, Maliq, to ​​help build and modernize the South Pole. Initially, she and her brother planned to make the Southern Water Tribe a colony of the Northern Water Tribe.

However, he changed gears when he interacted with the citizens and fell in love with Hakoda. He helped restore peace in the south and assisted in the fight against a rebel group led by Gilak. She almost sacrifices her life to save Hakoda from dying, but Katara saved her just in time.

two Liling

9 liling from avatar comics

Liling was a resident of Cranefish Town. In the comic arc of “Unbalance”, tensions between the benders and non-benders of Cranefish Town increased. Liling proposed that he would establish a police force made up of doublers to quell the protests and fights that occur in the city.

However, he tricked everyone and incited the benders to attack, kicking out all the non-benders who were trying to take his place and their jobs. Unfortunately for her, Team Avatar intervened and her non-bender daughter turned on her.

1 Toph Students

10 penga ho tun and dark one metalbending

After the Hundred Year Path, Toph started the Beinfong Metalbending Academy to teach metalbending to promising earthbenders. His first three students were Penga, Ho-Tun and “The Dark One”. The three students came from very different backgrounds, including economic ones.

Initially, they all had a hard time learning Metalbending, but Toph believed in them and pushed them to become the best versions of themselves. In fact, they became the first people in the world to become masters of metalbending besides Toph.

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