Straight out of a ’90s Saturday morning cartoon series, this Marvel series gives new fans and longtime fans something to enjoy.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Avengers mechanical strike # one

A delicious surprise has just hit the shelves of the good folks of Marvel Comics. It’s not every day that readers experience such an intense sense of nostalgia. Most readers’ love of comics began with religious observance of Saturday morning cartoons. The 90s X Men Y Spiderman The animated series turned Marvel into fans of thousands of young people who were drawn to the stories of costumed heroes with incredible abilities. Its musical themes, dynamic intro sequences, and formulated narratives remain etched in the gray matter of brains around the world. An intellectual property surprisingly absent in this nostalgic memory, at least until recent generations, was Earth’s mightiest heroes: the Avengers.

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From the writer Jed MacKay and the artist Carlos Magno, Avengers mechanical strike The # 1 is exactly the kind of nostalgia-inducing adventure that longtime fans would have gotten up early to see on Saturday morning in the days of yore. With the MCU The Avengers lineup, the series draws on elements from the movies, the well-established tradition of comics, and the engaging simplicity of cartoon storytelling. Although the series isn’t shaping up to have the heartbreaking appeal of more serious books, it certainly has two things going for it: giant-sized mechs and giant-sized fun.

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Clear in intention, the first issue opens with a classic cartoon intro montage of the Avengers armed up to text tracing that could easily be transposed as lyrics to a catchy theme in fine Saturday morning gem lore. as Thundercats. Turn the page and the Avengers have gathered to save the day, only they may have bitten off more than they can chew. A Godzilla-sized threat capable of consuming cars, buildings, and even raw energy and adding it to their own mass is laying waste to an American city. Plus, this dinosaur-shaped tech-biological creature easily dries off the Hulk and shrugs off a massive blow from the Mighty Thor. If it weren’t for Black Panther’s correct hypothesis that the creature couldn’t stand the taste of vibranium, the Avengers might they have not prevailed. Now the stage is set with a worthy adversary, and the mystery of the monster’s exact origins remains at stake. Brains, no headcheese, Win the day, but will it be enough next time?

Thanks to the wise Black Panther and the ingenious work of Iron Man, the Avengers are given the force multiplier they need to take on the destructive Biomechanoids – giant mechs. Each Avenger is equipped with a blaster-firing armband that will be your identification and interface to your new toys (and that’s really what they are): Biomechanical Response Units. These biped mechs look like Transformers from the 80s, but are the size of a Megazord. If that It is not Cool enough, they are designed to interact with the powers of their pilots, which means there is a robot climbing up the wall and diving into the web with Spider-Man’s name on it. Who knows how else these machines will be able to synergize with each other, as the Avengers have been known to do. It is very possible that they need to combine in the epic way of Voltron to defeat any great evil that awaits them.

With so many Marvel stories aimed at adult readers, look no further than the current one King in black event: it’s exciting when a new series comes out to attract a younger audience. ThereThere is nothing subtle about the direction this series is in. taking and it’s great. With live action Avengers Movies on hold for the near future, this comic is the best way for new fans and old fans to relive the glorious days of superhero adventure cartoons.

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