This is “From a Different Point of View”, an article in which I discuss a comic series with another writer. In this case it is Eileen Gonzalez Who will go over the history of the Avengers with me, story by story!

The last time we checked in with our heroes in Avengers # 78, Roy Thomas, Sal Buscema, and Tom Palmer’s “The Man-Ape Always Strikes Twice,” Captain America was lured into Avengers Mansion where he was ambushed by Man-Ape and nearly murdered. before the other Avengers arrived to rescue him. Man-Ape then escaped, and it turned out he was working for the Lethal Legion, a group of former low-level Avengers villains who had banded together to defeat the Avengers for every villain swap so that that villain’s main rival wouldn’t. . I don’t expect the villain (Acts of Vengeance basically) but then Man-Ape went after Black Panther anyway, capturing both T’Challa and T’Challa’s love interest Monica Lynne.

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That brings us to Avengers # 79, “Lo! The Lethal Legion!” by Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Tom Palmer

Eileen Gonzalez: I like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis cover, but their faces look a little weird. However, it might just be my copy.

Brian Cronin: No, MUCH more cartoons than usual.

Eileen Gonzalez: Ah good. Not just me then!

Brian Cronin: Buscema got tattooed on the cover, so maybe he rushed?

Brian Cronin: Maybe, at this point, you were already starting to lean a bit on Tom Palmer?

Brian Cronin: Who once again receives a “beautifier” credit, suggesting that Buscema did not do his best in this case.

Brian Cronin: Palmer, by the way, was also a trained colorist.

Brian Cronin: And I wonder if he was also coloring the book at this point.

Eileen Gonzalez: From the looks of it, Palmer should have gotten his credit at least to the same level as Buscema.

Eileen Gonzalez: Instead of squashed below.

Brian Cronin: Well, Stan is still the most billed even though he’s almost certainly not heavily involved in the book anymore.

Brian Cronin: It’s funny, a constant refrain we say is that Thomas couldn’t use Thor and Iron Man as regulars in the book, so he kept inviting them

Brian Cronin: But the strange thing here is that even Thor and Iron Man seem to act like they are above the book!

Brian Cronin: “Sigh, what’s up, Avengers?”

Brian Cronin: “We actually have lives. What do you want now?”

Eileen Gonzalez: I’m trying to figure out how they’re getting in right now. Is a skylight really strange? Are the Avengers in a sewer and is that the sewer?

Brian Cronin: It makes sense, though, that they have a skylight for their flying limbs to fly off, right?

Eileen Gonzalez: It sure would avoid many holes in the ceiling.

Brian CroninAlso, knowing the Avengers, they probably only have a hole in the ceiling due to a villain stepping in between numbers.

Brian Cronin: Cap’s exposition-crazy dialogue is pretty funny.

Brian Cronin: I think at least half of that talk could have been replaced by editor’s notes.

Eileen Gonzalez: Looks like Roy Thomas got so into writing Thor’s dialogue that he forgot to turn off the fancy talk for Cap.

Eileen Gonzalez: I also like how Goliath keeps freaking out and everyone’s Quicksilver has to tell him to relax.

Brian Cronin: How funny is Vision and Quicksilver rocking their chin in their hands?

Eileen Gonzalez: They are serious men who have serious thoughts.

Eileen GonzalezAlthough if I said that to Vision, he’d probably give me a speech about how he’s not really a man, now he is.

Brian Cronin: I love that they take a break from their SUPER SERIOUS case

Brian Cronin: For Vision to don a costume and fly to Black Panther’s school to let them know that Panther’s secret identity will not appear.

Brian Cronin: Although, as they point out, his voice is still robotic.

Brian Cronin: So what kind of costume is that?

Brian Cronin: And why do you have to go to school in person?

Eileen Gonzalez: Obviously, it was vitally important for Vision to try on his Martian Manhunter cosplay.

Brian Cronin: Correct?


Brian Cronin: Then it has no name.

Brian Cronin: His voice sounds like a robot.

Brian Cronin: Otherwise, your costume is perfect.

Brian Cronin: I’m sure when he gets there, he’ll say, “If I were human, I’d tell you that Mr. Charles can’t go to class.”

Brian Cronin: “If you were a human?”

Brian Cronin: “Damn. Never mind. I meant as human, I’ll tell you Mr. Charles can’t go to class. That sounds doable, right, human?”

Brian Cronin: “Errr … FELLOW human.”

Eileen Gonzalez: And all that fun could have been avoided if they had picked up the phone and CALLED the school. Like a human person.

Eileen GonzalezSpeaking of unrealistic dialogue, watching Iron Man is a super weird and unsubtle way to change the scene.

Brian Cronin: Correct?

Brian Cronin: I almost expected, “Hey fellow Avengers, you know what it would really help to set up a scene if I said … this?”

Eileen Gonzalez: This problem does not start well. Maybe our villains can liven things up!

Eileen Gonzalez: Once Grim Reaper finishes making that face …

Brian Cronin: That’s pretty expensive.

Brian Cronin: Buscema is like, “Fuck it, let me go ALL the way to the top here.”

Brian Cronin: I can’t even imagine how it would be worth it, even for a super villain.

Brian Cronin: The Grim Reaper is fucking not HINGED.

Brian Cronin: What does Swordsman get out of this? Why do you want the Avengers dead?

Eileen Gonzalez: Good question. I am trying to remember his last appearance. It was when I was working for Mandarin, I think. Maybe he was very upset about that loss and decided to go all out against the Avengers?

Eileen Gonzalez: Or maybe he’s still trying to “impress” Scarlet Witch.

Brian Cronin: Worked for Egghead almost a year earlier.

Eileen Gonzalez: Correct! I forgot that one.

Eileen Gonzalez: He wants a rematch against Goliath, I guess.

Brian Cronin: And he didn’t seem to have any particular enmity with the Avengers, really.

Brian Cronin: Certainly not, “Oh man I need to join a team to watch the Avengers die.”

Brian Cronin: Most of these guys have no motivations other than “Well we’re supervillains, I guess we can’t say no to a team of supervillains.”

Eileen Gonzalez: Maybe they were unemployed and really needed the job.

Eileen Gonzalez: They pay them?

Eileen Gonzalez: Or is your payment purely in revenge and exposure?

Brian Cronin: That’s what I want to say about your motivation!

Brian Cronin: Why are they doing this?

Brian Cronin: If they were, like, robbing the city or something like that, I’d get it.

Brian Cronin: But Swordsman and Power Man are only here to help kill the Avengers? WHY?

Eileen Gonzalez: The presence of Living Laser does not make sense either. Her problem was with Wasp, and she is no longer on the team.

Eileen Gonzalez: At least they have a lot of cool statues to smash.

Brian Cronin: HE! How the hell did they crush a statue, get a new statue, and then crush that one too?

Brian Cronin: How does that make any sense?

Brian Cronin: What is the logistics of that decision?

Brian Cronin: Did you just make a dozen of each Avenger?

Brian Cronin: Are you crushing the Black Panther every few minutes?

Brian Cronin: Crushing him when he was captured made sense.

Brian Cronin: But getting a new one and then crushing it doesn’t.

Brian Cronin: Maybe they are made of Play-Doh.

Brian Cronin: And you just put them back together and then shred them again. A kind of stress ball.

Brian CroninPlus, Grim Reaper’s plans are all over the place, right? So the idea is for members of the Lethal Legion to attack an Avenger who is not prepared for them, right?

Brian CroninOnly after that didn’t work right away, did they switch to Man-Ape attacking his official rival.

Brian Cronin: And now they only attack as a team.

Brian Cronin: There is no coherent plan here!

Eileen Gonzalez: They should have just played with their action figures. That would have been a more productive use of your time.

Eileen Gonzalez: The “trap” is so random that everyone realizes it is a trap in a couple of pages !!

Eileen Gonzalez: But I like how this scene is used to get Thor and Iron Man out of the scene, as they are heading to the one place that doesn’t have supervillains. They never wanted to be in this story anyway.

Eileen Gonzalez: Can’t blame them for that.

Brian Cronin: Yes, that’s a lot of fun.

Brian Cronin: Why have them as a guest star if you are not going to use them?

Brian Cronin: How sharp was the panel where Panther hits Grim Reaper?

Eileen Gonzalez: Ha, yes. Just another strange face in the middle of an explosion. Maybe Buscema was trying to change things, but it really isn’t working.

Brian Cronin: How funny is the idea that the Grim Reaper “trained himself” to take a hit from Panther

Brian Cronin: Eh?

Eileen Gonzalez: Maybe he had one of his legionnaires dress up as a Panther and beat him repeatedly.

Brian Cronin: Why the hell did we have the Vision deviation?

Brian Cronin: What was it for?

Eileen Gonzalez: We were all looking forward to seeing if her costume would work, obviously!

Eileen Gonzalez: And a little did.

Brian Cronin: He even noticed it was a rubber mask!

Eileen Gonzalez: Yes, that was strange. You’d think an Avenger with so many resources at his disposal could make a better skin.

Eileen Gonzalez: I still can’t forget how Black Panther works at a school called Andrew Jackson High School. That name would never go into review these days.

Brian Cronin: I wonder if Hotchkiss is a reference to something.

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