When you see the words “the hero we deserve” in a meme, you know there is probably something laughable ahead. The phrase has gained increasing popularity in recent years, thanks to Jim Gordon’s famous variation on the line, “He’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now” from 2008. The dark knight.

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Since then, the phrase has exploded on the web, and is used in both Batman memes and non-Batman memes. Its versatility or enduring popularity could be due to the fact that anyone can be a hero the world deserves.

10 The nautical knight

The Dark Knight Spongebob Meme

Source: Dopl3r.

Justice gets a little more porous in Gotham City thanks to a little photo manipulation of one of the most famous promotional posters of The dark knight. “Buff SpongeBob” comes from Sponge Bob Square Pants episode “The Fry Cook Games”, in which Spongebob and Patrick Star compete in said competition on behalf of the Krusty Krab and the Chum Bucket, respectively.

Would SpongeBob be as good at defending Gotham City as he is at being a fried cook? Probably not, but his efforts would certainly be fun to watch. At least being a sponge makes it more resistant to shocks and kicks.

9 The perfect disguise

Cat dressed up as Batman meme

Source: MEME.

Batman’s former foe and Catwoman’s often lover would undoubtedly adore this entry, which honors the disguised identities of both characters. There might not be a cape attached to the back of that cone, honestly hard to tell, but the Cat Crusader looks absolutely fine, especially thanks to the drawing of Batman’s underside on his cone.

The cat actually looks a bit like Isis, Catwoman’s feline companion from Batman: The Animated Series; It’s not too hard to imagine Selina Kyle creating such an outfit for Isis on Halloween … but only if Isis needs to wear a cone, of course!

8 Taking a bite of crime

Commissioner Dog Gordon Meme

Source: Quickmeme.

It’s a question that no doubt popped up on everyone’s mind at one point or another: What if Commissioner Gordon was a dog? He is certainly loyal to his good friend Batman, and he does doggedly pursue criminals.

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Perhaps, however, this dog is meant to be Gordon’s pet, not unlike Batman’s Ace the Bat-Hound, who is famous for wearing an identical cape and mask as his owner’s. Some might argue that the human James Gordon’s bark is worse than his bite, but as for Dog Gordon? Maybe it’s better not to provoke it and find out.

7 This meme is really proud of you

Ron Swanson Batman meme

Source: Imgflip.

Even without the meme, imagining Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation like Batman it’s not that difficult. They are both quite cautious about their emotions and have exhibited quite antisocial tendencies. They also maintain an air of mystery about themselves, with Swanson noting his birthday on all public records.

The Dark Knight may not share Swanson’s diet or drinking as much, but he might appreciate how well Swanson’s mustache hides facial expressions, though not necessarily ideal for hiding secret identities. Batman would be a perfect Halloween costume for Swanson, however, if Ron didn’t like dressing up as a pirate.

6 Not all heroes wear capes (but some wear squid)

Squidlady is not the hero we deserve Meme

Source: Quickmeme.

Not all “the hero we deserve” memes revolve around Batman, although his colleague Aquaman I would definitely appreciate the costume of this chosen superhero. Simply called “Squidlady,” this is a hero to the world of the surface and the deep, though the mask’s tentacles may not necessarily have the reach to take down distant opponents.

Still, the mask has an undeniable presence. One can’t help but think of the bat that flew through Bruce Wayne’s window and wonder, “What if it had been a squid?” The world may never know, but Squidlady may be the closest thing to an answer.

5 He’s not the Batman you’re looking for … or is he?

Source: Pinterest.

For a batman who isn’t Batman, this entry isn’t really that far off. His bat-winged cape, for example, is very similar to the one the Dark Knight wore when he debuted in Detective comics # 27 in 1939. The all-black suit is certainly a step in the right direction, and a fanny pack allows you to carry more stuff than a tool belt probably would.

However, those glasses are probably not as effective in concealing your identity as a full mask, especially when paired with the distinctive beard. Still, is Caped Crusader deserves points for its stylistic flair, especially when it comes to more realistic bat ears.

4 Heroism begins at home [Alone]

Macaulay Culkin Hero We Deserve But Not The One We Need Meme

Source: MEME.

Macaulay Culkin doesn’t need to feel bad, especially if his iconic movie Home alone the movies really struck fear into the hearts of thieves everywhere. Spectators of the Home alone The franchise will recall that Culkin starred in the first two installments, causing no small amount of stress (and a lot of pain) for thieves Marv Murchins and Harry Lyme, known together as the “Wet Bandits” and the “Sticky Bandits,” according to about crime.

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Culkin’s tweet is actually 100 percent real– All it took was a single line added from an internet user to induct him into the Hall of Fame “the hero we deserve”.

3 Our lips are flexibly sealed

Flex Seal Avengers / Hero We Mereve meme

Source: MEME.

Looks like Flex Seal is good at stopping all types of leaks … including those of one of the most anticipated movies of 2019. MCU fans will remember all the high level of secrecy surrounding the build-up of Avengers Endgame, to the point where even most actors the full script had not been shown.

When viewers got to see the movie, they were eager to share their thoughts, but unfortunately, a few chose to spoil the movie online for their amusement. Fortunately, Flex Seal was on the case, at least according to his Tweet … that it’s absolutely real.

two Spectacular spider dog

Spider-Dog is not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need meme

Source: Dopl3r.

Move over, Spider-Pig: Spider-Dog is here! This canine version of a Spider-Man from Friendly Neighborhood is destined to hunt down criminals until they whimper, or at least until they give in to Spider-Dog’s undeniable cuteness; Even hardened lawbreakers would have a hard time resisting petting or giving Spider-Dog a tummy rub that he surely deserves.

Spider-Man has never had a partner like Batman, but for a very short time he had a dog that he called “Sandwich” in a story by Hannah Blumenreich and Jordan Gibson in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 4) # 25. If Peter could have kept Sandwich, maybe this meme could have become a comic book reality.

1 A mystery that lifts the hair

Gordon / Hero Gotham Conditioner Deserves Meme

Source: SIZZLE.

Batman may have stumbled upon his best case yet: why is No “Gordon conditioner”? Sadly, there seems to be no hair product available for Batman’s longtime ally, which would have robbed the world of a truly spectacular pun if it weren’t for the heroic creator of this meme. Sadder still is the fact that some of Batman’s other allies have hair conditioners inspired by them, including Robin.

Maybe if Gordon had replaced Batman for one more time at Scott Snyder bat Man run, could you have gotten your own hair product? Who knows. However, one thing is almost certain: a conditioner Gordon would likely work very well on whiskers.

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