The film is set in a futuristic America where people are given injections to “cure” racism and sexism.


Birds of prey director Cathy Yan has been used to write and direct The refreshing, an adaptation of a story by Rachel Khong about a futuristic America in which citizens can take a drug to cure racism and sexism.

As reported by Variety, Yan will script and direct the project for FilmNation, the company behind recent critical successes. Promising young woman Y The personal story of David Copperfield. FilmNation will produce the film together with Ali wong, Hyperobject Industries / Gary Sanchez Productions, and Yan y Ash sarohia through their Rewild production banner.

The refreshing It’s exactly the kind of sassy and timely film that excites me as a writer and director, and that Ash and I started producing with Rewild, ”Yan said in a statement. “I am delighted to be working with like-minded collaborators Ali Wong, Hyperobject and FilmNation to bring this bold and powerful story to the screen.”


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“I was so obsessed with Rachel Khong’s compelling and high-concept story when I read it,” Wong said. “The refreshing It’s like nothing I’ve ever worked on and I’m delighted to turn it into a movie with everyone involved. From the beginning, it was my dream for Cathy Yan to write and direct this project and I am incredibly grateful that it came true. ”

The refreshing It’s an interesting premise, and judging by Yan’s captivating kinetic work on the action superhero comedy Birds of prey, is a smart choice to turn the science fiction tale into a movie. Here is the official synopsis:

Khong’s short story is set in the near future where tensions over race and gender have reached a violent extreme, the US government institutes a public health initiative known as ‘The Freshening’: Every American receives a injection, after which everyone just sees others as the same race and gender as them. But when a street drug appears on the scene, promising an opportunity to see the world as it really is, will she choose to disrupt this “renewed” world?

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