Superman, dressed in his black suit, uses his heat vision against an unknown assailant in a new Justice League trailer from Zack Snyder.

Black Suit Superman uses his heat vision against an unknown assailant in a new teaser for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. After much campaigning and fan enthusiasm, the Snyder Cut from League of Justice It will finally debut next month on HBO Max. The 4-hour cut will be the version of the film that Snyder set out to make in 2017, before he left production due to a family tragedy. Fans have longed to see Snyder’s intent League of Justice since then, and now it’s just over a month away.

With League of Justice Getting closer and closer, promotional efforts have started to increase in earnest. So far, only one actual official trailer has been released, although Snyder has provided plenty of images and other clips to help fans. On Super Bowl Sunday, Snyder released a clip of Cyborg’s (Ray Fisher) never-before-told origin story and touted the release of the next one. League of Justice trailer. It will come out this Sunday, February 14 and, as with the past images of Snyder Cut, the director has left some teasing a few days before.

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On social media Snyder shared an 18 second clip with more images of his League of Justice. In addition to promising the arrival of the new trailer in 3 days, the teaser has numerous action-packed shots, including one of Henry Cavill’s Superman in his black suit that triggers his heat vision. Check it out below.

Superman’s black suit is perhaps one of the most anticipated parts of League of Justice, as fans were deprived of seeing it in the original theatrical cut. An HD version of a clip featuring Superman in his black suit was released earlier this week, and now fans have enjoyed this new, albeit more violent look. Recent looks at League of Justice They’ve put an emphasis on the brutal fight scenes that are expected to be featured now that the film has earned an R rating. The preview above, while quick, does an excellent job of hinting at the sheer amount of action that will take place over the course of the film. four hour movie.

Most likely on Sunday League of Justice The trailer will include some of the images above, but it will also include a lot more. The teaser feels more like a standard superhero trailer, while the first trailer for Snyder Cut took a more subdued and emotional approach. It will be interesting to see how the second one will fare, if it will stick to the style previously established by Snyder or if it will be a more traditional clip. Regardless of how it’s edited, it’s sure to spark excitement among fans.

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Source: Zack snyder/Twitter

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