See the unique sneakers Ellen gave to the Bling Empire star, with a special message written on the toe of each shoe.

If there’s anything fans know Bling EmpireKane Lim, it’s his crazy collection of sneakers. The 30-year-old loves his shoes, and with his net worth of $ 20 million in addition to his family’s wealth, he can afford all kinds of sneakers he wants. Television personality Ellen Degeneres recently added a unique pair to her collection when Kane appeared on her show. The Ellen Degeneres Show.

While Netflix has yet to announce a second season of Bling Empire, the cast has been showing up here and there, doing interviews. Presumably, they are trying to keep fans interested until a second season can be filmed safely. The Ellen Degeneres Show had to take a break from filming in late 2020 after Ellen herself tested positive for COVID. The show resumed filming in January 2021 with a reduced crew and both guests and audience members appeared virtually.

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During his appearance in The Ellen Degeneres Show, Kane he filmed himself sitting in front of a seemingly endless wall of sneakers at his home. He opened the interview by saying how much Ellen is loved in Asia and then thanked her for featuring Asian artists and culture on his show. When Ellen asked him about his shoe collection, he told her that he had a few hundred pairs of shoes, although even he didn’t know the exact number. They were currently all on display in the living room of her new apartment. Ellen said she wanted to give him something special to remember being on the show, so she revealed a custom pair of “Ellen” sneakers. And it wasn’t just a fake gift to show on TV, as Kane received them and showed them on his Instagram. Armored with sparkles and spikes, they feature Ellen’s face with hearts in her eyes on each tongue of the shoe. The tips of the shoes together say “I was on the ellen show. “

When Ellen asked Kane if all the Bling Empire The gang has been seen recently, confirmed that it is. The entire cast had been tested for COVID before gathering for a small intimate get-together that Christine Chiu was hosting on a boat. Cast member Christine Chiu is known for her lavish parties, having once closed Rodeo Drive for a Lunar New Years party.

Kane said Ellen’s shoes “it is surely one of my favorites !!!“If nothing else, they will probably stand out from the rest of your designer shoe collection. The unique slippers were clearly the perfect gift for the rich young man who has it all.

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