JJ Abrams’ new Constantine reboot show for HBO Max will connect with his still-in-development Justice League Dark series for the streaming service.

The next Constantine The reboot series will be part of HBO Max. Dark justice league Show. HBO Max will become another great platform for the DC TV brand. For nearly a decade, The CW has been home to several iconic DC characters who have become part of the ever-growing Arrowverse. While the DC Universe was originally planned to be the streaming outlet for DC properties, it wasn’t long before HBO Max replaced it. Now that DC Universe is solely a comic book service, HBO Max is the new second destination for upcoming DC shows.

The streaming platform has multiple shows in the works that will allow more DC characters to come to life. Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti has both Green Lantern under development and barely updated Strange adventures anthology drama. Green Lantern was officially picked up to the series in 2020 for an order of 10 episodes. Then there’s JJ Abrams, whose overall deal with Warner Bros. now includes a Dark justice league franchise that will serve as a joint drama and a shared universe. It was recently revealed that Abrams, along with writer Guy Bolton, is developing a Constantine reboot with a younger rendering of the Hellblazer. However, what was unclear was whether the series would actually be set in the Dark justice league universe.

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In a new Variety report on the Constantine series, the media confirms that it will be part of the Dark justice league Serie. What that probably means is that whoever gets cast as Constantine will also star in the ensemble series. It remains to be seen if they will be a main character or not. Since Constantine has been a member of the comics team since the group was created, he is likely to be one of the leads. Variety also confirms The Illuminerdi’s initial report that the show will focus less on the religious parts of Constantine’s comics and more on the horror aspect. This will be the second Constantine Television show made following the short-lived version on NBC starring Matt Ryan, who currently plays the role on the Arrowverse shows.

The development of the TV show Justice League Dark appears in red

While it was almost a fact that Constantine would tie to Dark justice league, it is still positive to have it confirmed. Raises questions about what the specific plans are for the Dark justice league characters beyond Constantine. Perhaps there will be several solo exhibitions before the Dark justice league Serie. It could be similar to how Netflix and Marvel Television approached Defenders to have Reckless, Jessica jones, Luke cage, Y Iron fist Check out first before your team event. But whether or not that is the strategy of HBO Max and Warner Bros. Television remains to be seen. It might as well go in a different direction with Constantine leading straight to Dark justice league and then have the characters have their own spin-off shows.

Initial reports on Dark justice league He specified that Abrams was developing shows and movies. For some characters, it would be beneficial for them to have movies instead of a 10-episode series. While it’s unclear which characters will be part of the official lineup, it wouldn’t be surprising if players like Zatanna, Etrigan, Swamp Thing, and more were featured. It definitely seems likely that Zatanna is one of them, given that Warner Bros. was actually trying to make a movie about the beloved heroine a few years ago. But for now, the public will have to wait to see how Constantine connects to Dark justice league and what characters are introduced.

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Source: Variety

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