As the first anime to air on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, Cowboy bebop it opened the doors for a generation of anime fans to appreciate a genre-bending artwork that incorporated spaghetti westerns, jazz music, classic rock and noir … in space.

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And even though she was the last main character to be featured in the show’s single season, there are few anime characters as beloved as Radical Edward, the strange “net diver” from Earth who made his way on the Bebop ship. . Although he is not the most mysterious character, there are still many things about Edward that fans may not know.

10 The many names of Edward

Radical Edward in Jamming with Edward Cowboy Bebop

When he was born, his parents gave Edward the name Françoise Appledelhi, his first name was French for “one free” or “from France”. Since her father never picked her up from kindergarten, Edward lived in an orphanage for several years and gave himself a new name: Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV.

However, an opening title for the anime misspells this as “Edward Wang Hwe Pepel Cybulski 4th”. As Edward’s hacking skills became more noticeable, she earned the cool nickname Radical Edward.

9 Originally had a different character design

two kids just before robbing in Cowboy Bebop

Originally, Radical Edward’s character design was completely different from the tall, skinny, red-haired hacker that everyone knows and loves. Edward’s initial concept was a much younger guy with darker skin, dreadlocks, and standard 90s clothing.

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Ultimately, it was decided that Edward would be a girl, to equalize the male to female ratio in the show. In episode 5, “Ballad of Fallen Angels,” the original design was used for a boy who gets into trouble after he and his friends try to steal adult magazines.

8 According to director Watanabe, Edward’s gender doesn’t make sense

Edward uses remote control in Cowboy Bebop

Often described as an androgynous child, Edward’s gender is a subject that fans return to, especially as the language about gender has evolved since the anime’s premiere. Although known as “she” or “cowgirl”, there are several occasions when characters are confused with Edward’s gender, including his own father, who, after being absent for years, forgot whether Edward was his son or his daughter.

When referring to Edward’s gender in an interview from 2017Said Cowboy Bebop director Shinichirō Watanabe, “[Edward’s] gender doesn’t make sense, we don’t need it. “

7 Edward could possibly be an alien

In that same 2017 interview in which Shinichirō Watanabe was asked why he chose to write Edward as non-binary, genderless, or simply being ambiguous, Watanabe revealed that he wanted Edward to surpass humanity.

“I personally think he couldn’t even be human, someone from outer space,” Watanabe said. Since most of the others Cowboy bebop the characters, like Spike and Jet, are human beings born on different planets, the idea that Edward is an Earth-born humanoid is very interesting.

6 Edward’s blood type is AB

Edward on the internet

While MBTI® tests and zodiac trait comparisons are a popular way to determine personality types, manga and anime creators often use a character’s blood type to determine their personality.

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The idea that someone’s blood type has an effect on their personality is a somewhat popular notion in Japan, and since Edward’s blood type is AB, a rare blood type, his personality reflects that. Types AB are considered precise, eccentric, unpredictable, curious, and are believed to be geniuses. All of these traits just scream Radical Edward.

5 Edward’s physique is as unique as she is

Cowboy Bebop Ed uses his feet to write

When Edward is first introduced, we see that he is using his feet to type on his computer, an impressive act that requires grip on his toes.

Being able to use his feet the way he also uses his hands may be a factor in why Edward becomes very unbalanced when he puts on a pair of socks and tries to walk in episode 17 “Mushroom Samba”. Edward is also very acrobatic and can usually be found walking on his hands or cartwheeling on his way.

4 The best estimate of Edward’s age is 13

According to an old man Cowboy bebop website, Edward was born on New Years Day, January 1, and she “claims to be 13 years old.” As Cowboy bebop takes place in the year 2071, this means that Edward was born in 2058.

Since it is mentioned that she had not seen her father for seven years, this means that her father, Siniz Hesap Lütfen Appledelhi, had forgotten her in a nursery when she was about 6 years old. Despite being the youngest (possible) human of the crew, Edward is the smartest.

3 Your computer is named after a friend

Tomato, Radical Edward's friend from the Cowboy Bebop manga

At Cowboy bebop manga, we learn that Edward’s trusty computer that she nicknamed “Tomato” was actually a gift from a boy she had met at the orphanage on Earth whose name was Tomato. When the two met, Tomato was building the computer and after Ed accidentally broke it, he gave Tomato a computer watch as an apology.

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Tomato then told him that he would rebuild the computer to give it to him. However, when the two were reunited, Edward didn’t remember him at first, which broke Tomato’s heart.

two Cowgirl Ed: The Album

Cutout cover art for the original limited edition Cowboy Bebop soundtrack

The “cowboy” in Cowboy bebop refers to Spike, Jet, Faye, and, for a time, Edward’s occupation as a bounty hunter. When Edward and Ein go off alone to bring in a reward so they can feed the crew at “Mushroom Samba”, Ed calls herself a cowgirl and calls Ein a “cow-woof-woof”.

This is not the only time Ed has been called a cowgirl, including Cowgirl ed, a limited edition Mini-CD from The Seatbelts containing six tracks from the show’s soundtrack. Unfortunately, it is out of stock.

1 Edward’s personality is based on the show’s composer

Cowboy Bebop Edward with the anime's composer

During a panel, Cowboy bebop director Watanabe was asked Where the inspiration for Edward came from and refers to composer Yoko Kanno, who was also on the panel.

According to Watanabe, when the two met before collaborating on Cowboy bebop, found Kanno to be very eclectic and noticed how she was rolling on the floor and making strange noises. Then she tells how she knew she wanted to create a character like her, who became Cowboy bebopRadical Edward himself.

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