Static will receive a modern new suit before his next solo title at DC Comics as part of his Milestone reboot books.

Virgil Hawkins returns to the pages of the comics as Static will have a completely new look in his upcoming solo series. On Friday, DC Comics revealed a reboot of the iconic Milestone universe created by Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis and Derek T. Dingle. In showing the upcoming digital series, DC Comics showcased the new Static design, bringing the popular character into the modern era.

Milestone Media was created by McDuffie, Cowan, Davis, and Dingle to tell minority-by-minority stories that were not being made at the time. DC Comics distributed several Milestone titles, including the excellent Hardware, icon, blood union, Shadow cabinet, and perhaps the most famous, Static. Static told the story of Virgil Hawkins, a high school student who gained the powers to control electromagnetism after being exposed to experimental chemicals. The series ran for years, and Static got its own animated television series. Static shock, which aired on WB Kids for four seasons, starring Phil LaMarr. Since then, Static has starred in a variety of DC team books, including Teen Titans, and had a short-lived solo title as part of DC. The new 52 initiative. Most recently, Michael B. Jordan revealed that he was producing a new movie with WB and DC.

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In DC’s announcement that Milestone would get a new digital series, which includes Hardware Y Icon and rocket. They also revealed more details about the upcoming Static series, which includes a new look for Virgil. The new costume features a new hairstyle, a hood with a peak, as well as a yellow bolt on his chest. The image of Nikolas Draper-Ivey’s character design also shows multiple hairstyles, his glasses, and a mask.

It’s a great look for Static. His old, cartoonish look is definitely iconic, but his new costume makes him look more modern while retaining cool elements from his previous looks. It will be exciting to see him in action again, as it’s been a while since readers saw his static saucers in action.

The series’ requests reveal that the story will show what happens when Virgil gains his powers, but finds himself caught between an overly militarized police force as more black children gain their own abilities. It’s fair to assume that the comic, like the one before it, will touch on relevant issues, such as race and police brutality.

In this monthly miniseries (20 pages per issue), the beleaguered nerd Virgil is gifted with incredible electromagnetic powers in the wake of the Big Bang. Now he finds himself caught between an over-militarized police response to black children gaining special abilities and some of those children who are using those powers in dangerous and destructive ways. But when the thugs who terrorized him before the Big Bang show up with their own powers, can Static be the hero Dakota needs?

The Milestone universe returns on February 26, when the Milestone Returns # 0 will be available on February 26. Static It will be released on April 12 on digital platforms, while later it will be released in physical format.

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