Derek from Disenchantment shares many similar qualities with Gene from Bob’s Burgers and Bobby from King of the Hill.

The world of Disenchantment it’s packed with unique and interesting characters based on classic fantasy tropes. But there is one character who remembers more than a couple of familiar animated characters. These three, all from different animated shows, have so much in common that they are basically the same person. These children are Derek, Gene Belcher, and Bobby Hill.

Derek, whose full name is Crown Prince Derek Grunkwitz of Dreamland, appeared in the first episode of Disenchantment and has continued to play an important role ever since. He is the son of King Zøg of Dreamland and his second wife, Queen Oona of Dankmire, who became Bean’s stepmother. Their marriage was for political expediency, orchestrated to build an alliance between the two kingdoms and end the long war between them. It certainly wasn’t based on love.

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Derek and his new friend

Oona’s life drastically improved when she left Zøg and found her calling as a full-time pirate queen. But he had to leave Derek with King Zøg at that time. Derek is a sensitive young man who leans toward the more theatrical elements of life. Unlike his father, he is not really a man of action. That said, Derek is also smart, empathetic, and does what needs to be done when the moment calls for it. In that sense, he is quite similar to Gene Belcher and Bobby Hill.

Gene Belcher of Bob’s Burgers loves theater, music and being creative in general. Nor is he usually willing to participate in sports-related activities without the promise of food from the other side. The same goes for Bobby Hill from King of the hill. Unlike his father Hank, Bobby had no athletic talent nor was he a star athlete. But he was the kind of person who could destroy the stage at the school play.

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Derek, Gene, and Bobby shared similar relationships with their parents. Zøg hoped Derek would grow up to be a warrior like him. Bob hoped that Gene would become the next generation of restaurateurs in his family. Hank wanted Bobby to become another high school sports star. In all three cases, those dreams have yet to come true. While those father / son relationships were challenging, they were still loving.

At the same time, it is also important to recognize the differences between the three characters. Derek is partially Dankmirian, which means he is half human and half humanoid amphibian. As far as we know, both Gene and Bobby are 100% human. But other aspects of their physiology, especially their plump bodies, are quite common among the three.

Possibly the biggest similarity is the fact that Derek, Bobby, and Gene are all good at heart. They generally treat everyone with kindness and compassion, something that is not always true of their respective parents. When Derek briefly assumed the role of King of Dreamland, it became apparent rather quickly that he would be the king of a town and would really put those who lived in Dreamland ahead of his own personal interests. Gene and Bobby would do the same.

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