Senku Ishigama is a new anime protagonist, but that hasn’t stopped him from cementing his place in the anime world. The spiky-haired scientist is as brilliant as the anime’s protagonists. Some even call their understanding of science supernatural.

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As the ruler of the Kingdom of Science, Senku demonstrates just how powerful science can be, but he hasn’t done it alone. In fact, the Kingdom of Science is only as powerful as the scientifically inclined brains that call themselves citizens. Without the help of Chrome and Taiju’s brain, Senku would never have been able to invent the cell phone in a year or light up the sky with light bulbs. The following list recognizes the 10 most intelligent characters of Dr. Stone.

10 Taiju demonstrates intelligence knowing how to embrace their strengths and trust others

Taiju trying to think _ Dr. Stone

Although Taiju is not as scientifically inclined as any other character on this list, he has shown true intelligence by accepting his own strengths and weaknesses. When Senku needs Taiju to do the heavy lifting, the giant doesn’t argue or question Senku’s logic, he just acts.

Of course, it is valuable to ask questions, but it is also valuable to trust the work that others have done. Taiju seems to understand this better than anyone and risks his life multiple times to prove it. Although viewers may believe that Tsukasa is smarter than Taiju, the strongest primate in high school needs to learn to stay in his lane before he can make this list.

9 Suika has impressive deductive reasoning skills

Suika _ Dr. Stone _ Confident

Detective Suika is the youngest entry on this list, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less smart than the others. In fact, Suika has demonstrated deductive reasoning skills that few other characters can match.

These deductive reasoning skills have earned this boy the title of Detective Suika. Furthermore, Suika has shown Senku and the Kingdom of Science that she is willing to take a chance to save others. When a raiding party from the Tsukasa Empire attacked, it was Suika’s brain that ultimately thwarted their plans and saved the Kingdom of Science.

8 Ukyo is an expert at planning ahead

The Tsukasa Empire’s resident archer is blessed with an incredible sense of hearing and a mastery of the bow and arrow. However, Ukyou’s true strength lies in her ability to plan ahead.

When Gen, Chrome, and Magma sneak into the territory of the Tsukasa Empire in the second season of the Dr stone anime, it’s Ukyou who discovers them. To trap all three and take them prisoner, the archer redirects their movement by threatening them with projectiles from a distance. Their efforts put the three invaders in a situation that would have been impossible to escape if Chrome hadn’t invented a smoke screen on the spot.

7 Kohaku understands people well and quickly realizes their intentions.

Kohaku is a warrior as powerful as a brilliant strategist. However, what is even more impressive is the way she ignores traditional gender norms and lives her life in the way that she sees fit.

When Kohaku first introduces herself to viewers, she is a bit exalted and makes the mistake of calling Senku scientific magic. After spending more time with Senku, he learns to control his emotions and even begins to understand the scientific method. Perhaps the most impressive display of Kohaku’s intellect is his ability to understand people. On multiple occasions, Kohaku has been able to understand the intentions of his companions even before they managed to come to terms with them personally.

6 Yuzuriha can design plans and see through Senku’s strategies

Dr. Stone _ Season 1 _ Senku _ Yuzuriha _ Taiju

Although some viewers may mistake this character for nothing more than Taiju’s love interest, Yuzuriha has displayed a cunning few others have in Dr. Stone. To escape Tsukasa in the first season, Yuzuriha devises a plan to take advantage of the gunpowder that Senku had created before being shot down by the strongest primate in high school.

In Season 2, Yuzuriha has been able to see Senku’s strategies before anyone else in the Tsukasa Empire. The young woman’s brain is an asset that the Kingdom of Science should recognize in the future.

5 Gen has mastered the code change talk skill

This character may not have any natural interest or inclination towards the art of science, but his ability to understand people is unparalleled in the world of science. Dr. Stone.

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If not for Gen’s ability to win over Senku and Tsukasa, the Kingdom of Science would have had little chance of developing beyond the lightbulb. While it may seem wrong for Gen to manipulate others so freely with his words, it demonstrates a mastery of the code-changing conversational skill that everyone needs to learn to keep the peace in a diverse society. To master this skill, Gen has to use his brain to understand his audience first, then transition between different language codes to keep the peace.

4 Kaseki shows his brilliance through art

Kazeki _ Dr Stone _ Copper Coil

Ishigami Village’s master craftsman showed his intelligence before Senku arrived. Proof of this can be seen in the bridges that Kaseki built to keep his relatives safe on a fortress island.

Kaseki’s brilliance as an artist has made it possible for Senku to invest in creations like the light bulb and the cell phone. Without him, Senku would have had to use his brain to master the art of crafting, stopping the rapid pace of development that has allowed the Kingdom of Science to compete with the brute force of the Tsukasa Empire.

3 Byakuya plans ahead and it’s more than lucky

Senku _ Byakuya's father

Despite the similarity in their appearance, Senku and Byakuya are not blood relatives. Still, it is clear that Senku learned something from Byakuya by fearlessly embracing his interests despite what others may think of him.

Senku regularly knocks out Byakuya’s intelligence by calling him lucky, but no amount of luck can win a trip to the International Space Station without also pairing him with a certain amount of scientific knowledge. Thanks to Byakuya’s foresight, Senku woke up in the new stone world with the necessary resources to focus on science, rather than simply focusing on survival.

2 Chrome can invent new tools on the fly

Chrome _ Dr Stone _ Gen _ Excited

Even before Senku’s arrival, Chrome had dedicated her life to collecting and testing resources through painstaking trial and error. His efforts may seem rudimentary next to Senku, but technically they are still science. As Dr stone Continuing to unfold in its second season, Chrome embraces Senku’s scientific methods to become a brilliant scientist in his own right.

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Thanks to Chrome, the Kingdom of Science developed the water wheel, allowing them to push their inventions with nature, rather than physical labor. Chrome consistently demonstrates the ability to invent awesome new tools on the fly without all the funds of knowledge that Senku had amassed since his pre-petrification days.

one Senku knows how to take advantage of the brilliance of others

Dr Stone _ Senku _ Earplug

The protagonist of Dr stone He has shown an uncanny affinity for science on multiple occasions, but his most impressive attribute may be his ability to capitalize on the brilliance of others.

The ability to calculate the number of records Lillian Weinberg sold during her lifetime in a matter of seconds is incredible, but without inspiring the rest of her peers to work for science, her ability to remember every step required to recreate inventions as the cell phone. be useless. Senku is brilliant in a number of ways, but the way he prioritizes teamwork and collaboration is what truly makes him one of the smartest anime characters of all time.

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