Continue Super Ball is the last chapter of the long Dragon Ball saga and has added some fascinating concepts to the canon of the series that has been really exciting to follow. Anime sequel series They are inevitably a risky proposition and there is a high probability of damaging the reputation of the original series in the process.

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Dragon ball super not perfect, but largely a continuing success From Dragon Ball Z story in a satisfying way. Having said that, Dragon ball super keep going hold on to the goku character, Very similar Dragon Ball Z it does, and the presence of the popular character is not always a positive thing.

10 It was not necessary in the final stage of the Golden Frieza Fight

Anime Dragon Ball Super Golden Frieza Menacing

Coldness is one of the most evil and persistent villains appearing in Dragon Ball, which makes the powerful return of the character in Dragon ball super It carries a lot of weight. Frieza and his new golden transformation can fend off Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue mode.

It is cathartic that Goku is involved with the defeat of Freeza, but in this case it is not exactly won. Vegeta is about to finish the job before his pride gets in the way and Whis needs to rewind time. Letting Vegeta complete what he started would have been more satisfying.

9 Vegeta should have taken over the training of the Saiyans of Universe 6

One of the most exciting aspects of Dragon ball super is the introduction to many other universes and their wide range of strong characters. All of the Saiyans from Universe 7 have been found, which makes the news that there is more to Universe 6 particularly exciting.

Goku is in charge of teaching Caulifla, Kale and Cabba how to become Super Saiyan and help them train. However, there is also a link between Cabba and Vegeta. All this stuff would work better and show more growth on Vegeta’s part if he were the one to teach them these skills.

8 Other characters would have been more suitable for the confrontation against Goku Black

Goku and Goku Black hit each other at the same time

Goku Black is a particularly unique and terrifying villain to appear in Dragon ball super and the plan that Zamasu carries out is quite impressive. There is definitely a novelty to see Goku fights an evil version of himself, but the bow might have been more powerful if he was actually the one possessed, if only temporarily.

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This would allow the other characters in the arc, such as Future Trunks and Vegeta, to get their due and Goku could still appear, albeit in a radically new capacity.

7 Other characters deserve the chance to shine like in the smallest tournament of power battles

the Tournament of power marks a very exciting saga during Dragon ball super where dozens of fighters engage in a savage battle royale. Goku plays a crucial role towards the end of the tournament and his rivalry against Jiren from Universe 11 is a triumph.

Goku plays such an important role at the end of the tournament that it would be nice to tone him down more in the smaller battles so the rest of Universe 7 shines through. Other characters still have opportunities to shine, but there are still plenty of places to cut down on Goku.

6 Vegeta should have been able to train with Whis

Dragon ball super It is typically marked with the arrival of new villains who send Goku and company into preparation and battle mode. There are some cases where these characters really have some downtime and a lot of them see Goku and Vegeta under Whis training to improve your skills.

Both Saiyans improve, but ultimately it’s Goku who gains the most from the process, even if Vegeta spends more time with Whis. Goku should always continue to refine his abilities, but letting Vegeta take on Whis would only be a more interesting twist for both characters.

5 Zeno should teach Goku a lesson in humility and punish him for his casual nature.

Dragon ball super reveals that the Great King Zeno who rules over all the universes has basically the mentality of a child. Strangely, Goku and Zeno get along quite well and he’s the only person who doesn’t walk on eggshells when he’s with the deity. Many characters fear and resent Goku for his casual nature towards Zeno.

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Goku is largely allowed to get away with it and suffer minimal consequences, but it would mean more if Zeno really punished Goku and removed him from the scene for a short period to teach him a lesson in humility.

4 Arale’s return visit would be more fun without Goku as a buffer

Dragon Ball is by far Akira Toriyama’s most successful work, but Doctor slump it’s a funnier property that still gets a lot of love and has crossed over with the old one Dragon Ball anime repeatedly. An especially ridiculous one Dragon ball super Arale inadvertently torments Goku and Vegeta.

It’s an absolutely hilarious installment, but Arale’s chemistry with Vegeta is the highlight. This would be even more fun if Goku wasn’t there as a buffer and Vegeta had to deal with Arale in a more intensive capacity.

3 Goku should be left out of the Universe 6 exhibition tournament so that later battles mean more

Goku and the rest of Universe 7 try out the many different universes they are eager to fight in the Tournament of Power, but before this they test themselves against Champa and The strongest fighters in Universe 6. This makes for a smaller, more entertaining set of battles, but considering that Goku plays a big role in the anime’s later tournament, maybe it means more to get him out of it.

Goku, having no experience against fighters like Hit or Frost, would make these encounters more predictable when the Tournament of Power rolls around.

two Vegeta’s copy arc would have been more entertaining if Goku hadn’t been there to figure it out

Dragon Ball Super - Goku confused by Copy Vegeta

Dragon ball super is given to some hyperbolic filler sagas, but they’re all short enough to be more entertaining than annoying. One story involves Vegeta being consumed by an alien entity and a dangerous Copy Vegeta taking action as a result.

Goten and Trunks are the real heroes here, but Goku finally shows up to handle the situation as well. It’s a small enough threat for everyone to take care of this without Goku’s help. Their participation diminishes the success of Goten and Trunks.

1 Goku’s presence makes the fight against Moro a predictable battle.

Manga Dragon Ball Super Autonomous Ultra Instinct Goku Versus Planet Moro

From Dragon Ball Super last villain, Moro, is exclusive to the manga material at the moment. Moro initially seems like a less conventional villain, but then falls into the same pattern that plagues most Dragon Balls enemies. Many characters in this arc learn powerful new abilities, such as Vegeta, and others like Buu, Uub, and Merus look impressive.

Despite all this, victory falls back to Goku and turns the Moro problem into a repetitive battle. There is definitely a balance where Goku could have been used, but not the one that solves everything.

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