Dragon Ball might be the story of Goku, but Dragon Ball Z was better when Gohan was the main character.

Dragon Ball It is still one of the biggest franchises of all time and is still considered a historical series of shonen, which has a great influence on the genre. Dragon Ball Z stands out with its adorable characters who selflessly defend the planet from evil and Goku is one of the most popular shonen protagonists for good reason.

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Goku’s growth through Dragon Ball is satisfying, but the same transformation process begins with his son, Gohan, only to be finally interrupted. Gohan fails to fully embrace his role as From Dragon Ball Z main character, but he still has many moments where he is the center of attention.

10 The Cell Games is when Gohan first realizes his true potential

All before From Dragon Ball Z The cell arc points towards Gohan’s growing strength and the inevitability that he will surpass his father’s strength. Much of the Cell arc focuses on Goku training Gohan, even if he doesn’t get to explicitly fight until the dangerous Cell Games.

Gohan’s metamorphosis by Cell Games is amazing. It finally feels like I’m Dragon BallThe main character and completely overshadowed Goku, culminating in his defeat of Cell when his father is unable to finish the job.

9 His patrol as the great Saiyaman

Anime Dragon Ball Gohan Great Saiyaman Pose

TBuu’s arc creatively explores the idea of ​​Gohan using his abilities to become a superhero for the community. The great saiyaman is certainly a wide territory for Dragon Ball That doesn’t work for everyone, but there’s no denying that it sets a new direction for both the series and Gohan. Goku didn’t necessarily flaunt his power or try to fight petty crime on a daily basis, but Gohan vows to use his strength to keep the public safe.

8 The battle against the Saiyans

Gohan is just a kid when Dragon Ball Z starts, with the anime trying to frame the series as Gohan’s story. The original Dragon Ball chronicles Goku’s growth from child to adult and his story is far from ending in Dragon Ball Z, But audiences see a similar trend in which Gohan possesses incredible strength as a young child.

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The fight against Raditz introduces Gohan’s latent powers and they become even more pronounced during the battle against Nappa and Vegeta.

7 His confrontation with Super Buu

From Dragon Ball Z concluding Buu Bow sometimes it gets complicated, especially with his plan on whether Gohan or Goku should be the ones to claim the big victory. Goku is ultimately the one who kills Buu, but Gohan’s encounter with Super Buu feels momentous in many ways.

Gohan is unsuccessful, but Dragon Ball Z it really creates the impression that this is supposed to be its highlight, especially in anime. Gohan is treated as the main character and the framing of the shots even intentionally replicates scenes from the Saiyan arc to emphasize how the story has come full circle.

6 His training with Piccolo

Gohan’s training with Little during the saiyan arc he frames himself as a learning experience for the young character while Goku has passed away and trains with Kaio in the afterlife. Goku eventually returns and manages to save the day, but while he’s off the scene, it’s Gohan who is treated as Earth’s best plan for success. Gohan often has more screen time than Goku and his training and journey alongside Piccolo is very similar to Goku’s own development in the original. Dragon Ball.

5 The battle on Namek

Anime Dragon Ball Frieza Second Form holds Gohan

From Dragon Ball Z The time on Planet Namek is a tense period in the series where Goku is out of the picture and there is concern as to whether he will be able to get there before it’s too late. Goku’s return is exciting, but for a while it’s unclear if it will happen or not.

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Before Goku can regain his dominance, Gohan is usually a major player on Namek. Vegeta is stronger, but Gohan fearlessly attacks Dodoria, the Ginyu Force, and Frieza’s previous forms in a way that is representative of a true hero. He’s braver at this young age than Goku.

4 Survive and train future Trunks in their apocalyptic timeline

Future Gohan Down Burst

Future Trunks is one of From Dragon Ball Z more popular characters and it is extremely satisfying that the anime finds opportunities to feature more of it, whether in Dragon ball super wave Trunks story Special. In Future Trunks’ ruined timeline, Goku is dead and it is Gohan who instructed Trunks to become the competent warrior he is today. Future Gohan eventually dies too, but his death is the catalyst for Trunks’ Super Saiyan transformation. It is an arc that is adapted to a main character and has a greater purpose than the role of Goku.

3 His latest update with Old Kai

the Dragon Ball The franchise is full of powerful Super Saiyan transformations, which are usually first activated by Goku. From Dragon Ball Z Buu arc tries to take a different route with a new update that is specifically for Gohan. Buu’s threat seems impossible to defeat, but Gohan undergoes selective training with the Z Sword to free Old Kai and unlock his potential in the process. At this point it really feels like Gohan’s Ultimate Upgrade It will be the necessary tool to save the day. It is disappointing that this moment becomes less essential in hindsight.

two His Videl and Goten training

A main character is someone who saves the day and defeats the great villain, but also an individual who can act as a mentor to others and help the next generation prepare for the future. From Dragon Ball Z Buu arc positions Gohan as one of the strongest fighters on Earth, especially since Goku is dead.

Gohan shares this wealth and helps others improve their strength, be it his younger brother Goten or his new girlfriend videl. Videl can’t even fly before meeting Gohan. This role of teacher that he adopts is no different from Goku’s attitude during Gohan’s youth.

1 His role as leader of Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power

Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power Gohan Vegeta Goku

Technically this moment occurs in Dragon ball super and no Dragon Ball Z, but the sequel anime series tries to smoothly continue the narrative. Gohan’s arc continues on Super And although he’s largely castrated as a fighter, he’s still given some opportunities to be the centerpiece of the anime.

The Tournament of Power requires Universe 7 to gather the strongest fighters and develop a smart strategy to survive the battle royale. Gohan is named Team Leader for Universe 7, which is an honor he doesn’t take lightly. Gohan’s concern and focus on the performance of Universe 7 shows true dedication.

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