Fall out mania is still going strong, with a TV series based on the horror / sci-fi game debuting soon. Fallout 4 It may take place in a desolate, post-nuclear wasteland, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of great cosmetic items floating around, waiting to be found. Throughout the player’s adventures within the Commonwealth, they may stumble upon several of these highly sought after items. Some are useful in battle, while others are completely useless beyond their appearance.

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Whatever the case, cool knows no limits and makes no difference. Fallout 4 players seeking bragging rights will get them, provided they are willing to venture far and deep enough. Here are the ten coolest cosmetic items scattered around the Fallout 4 base game, and its various DLC packages. Happy hunting.

10 Leopard print bandana

Fallout 4 - Leopard Bandana

If leopard print is your thing, then this particular scarf should be on your to-do list. Sure, it sticks out like a sore thumb and doesn’t help players much to keep a low profile, but that’s a quibble. This particular cosmetic item isn’t just one of the coolest in the game; it is also one of the most difficult to find.

According to seasoned players, finding one of these on an item is like Monty Python’s crew finding the Holy Grail. Spawn rates are so rare that many players have yet to find one, despite multiple games and countless hours of play. This fact alone is reason enough for lucky players to boast openly.

9 Lieutenant hat

Dedicated, hard work Fall out Players can find this super trendy little accessory in the game, as long as they are willing to go the extra mile. The most obvious way to achieve this is through the complex mission “Last Voyage of the USS Constitution”.

It provides a boost of charisma, but let’s face it, who doesn’t want to traverse the Commonwealth wasteland in one of these stylish little hats? Lazy players can order Dogmeat to search for items in the Custom House Tower. Whether he comes back with one or not is another matter.

8 Bathrobes

Fallout 4: bathrobes

It is not known how pleasant a shower can be in a wasteland, especially given the level of radioactivity in the groundwater, but a good purifier can take care of that. To make things a little more bearable, one can put on a fancy new bathrobe, if you can find one scattered around.

There are a few ways to choose one of these luxury items such as buying from Anne Hargraves, looting Distant port DLC locations, or touring Monsignor Plaza. Whatever the method, it is sure to make bath time that much more fun.

7 Perfectly preserved cake

Fallout 4 - PPP

This is more of an environmental cosmetic item, but it still deserves a mention. Many Fall out gamers know that finding intact and canned food is almost as likely as being struck twice the same day. However, there is an extremely sought after item that Fall out food lovers covet – the PPP.

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This “perfectly preserved cake” is exactly as the title suggests. The only real way to get one of these items in the game is by playing Port-A-Diners … a lot. In fact, many players have spent hours trying to win one, and the method is based on a Luck system that accumulates with each repeated attempt.

6 The problem solver

Fallout 4: troubleshooter

Cosmetic items are not only limited to clothing and environmental options, but also weapons. This particular article is one of the most wonderful, for obvious reasons. The troubleshooter is a Nuka World DLC weapon with a color scheme that instantly throws out any chance of stealth entirely.

And that is the point. It is loud, threatening and funny. Getting one means reaching out and being brutal with Mason during conversation options. If a player’s charisma is high enough, he will reward him with the weapon. This is a good excuse to develop Charisma, beyond winning arguments and persuading the NPCs.

5 Grognak Costume

Fallout 4 - Grognak Costume

Grognak the Barbarian is a Fall out pillar, and gamers love to read the comics strewn across the wasteland not just for profit, but for some fun mementos. Imagine being able to put on the real Grognak costume. That is precisely why it is so important to choose one, if possible.

Adding this disguise means having a strength buff of two points, plus a 20% damage multiplier with melee weapons. This certainly fits in well with the background of the costume. Additionally, reckless enemies can suffer under the power of Grognak, at least in the player’s mind.

4 Silver Shroud Costume

Fallout 4 - Silver Shroud Costume

Part of Fallout’s Its enormous charm is its references to both the America of the 1950s and the radio content of yesteryear. The Shroud is such an important part of Fall out tradition like Buck rogers Y The shadow it was the radio series from the 1930s. Putting on the Silver Shroud costume is not only cool, it changes the dynamics of the game.

When putting on the costume, many dialogue options change, which is ideal for Fall out players who want to start another game. Throw in some decent upgrade options, and the costume will become one of the most sought after in the entire game.

3 Mechanist’s Armor

Fallout 4 - Mechanic Armor

It might sound ridiculous, but that’s part of the charm of this particular armor set. Players can score it after completing the Automatron DLC quest line and face Isabel Cruz for all the marbles. Once surrendered, the player can walk across the wasteland in what is essentially a piece of sci-fi costume from the 1940s.

The quirky aesthetic is a big reason this armor set is so cool, even if it makes the player look like a two-legged trash can. Provides a huge boost to damage resistance and energy, while increasing stamina, intelligence, and charisma. Perfect for taking on synths.

2 Thirst Zapper

Fallout 4 - Thirst Zapper

Nuka Cola is synonymous with Fall out, and it was only a matter of time before someone took it to the next level. The Thirst Zapper is, hands down, one of the coolest cosmetic items in the game. Fortunately, it is also a functional pistol with a bit of history attached.

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The Zapper starts out as a basic squirt gun, but if the player locates the Project Cobalt schematics, it takes on a much more destructive tone. It is difficult to decide which of those two options is better, which means that each player will have to decide for himself.

one Cappy glasses

Fallout 4 - Cappy Glasses

Nuka World Players can locate one of the funniest and most outrageous cosmetic items in the entire game: the Cappy Glasses. They can be found during the “Cappy in a Haystack” quest, in which they play an integral part of the plot.

Unfortunately, Cappy glasses are practically a single-use item in Fallout 4. Once the mission has been completed, they do not serve the player by providing significant benefits to the characters’ stats. Still, they are so cool to wear, while jogging through the Commonwealth.

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