Despite the grim tagline, the latest Fear The Walking Dead part 2 season 6 trailer hints at the idea of ​​rebirth for several of the show’s characters.

Despite the grim motto, Fear of the walking dead The latest trailer for season 6 part 2 teases the idea of ​​rebirth for several of the show’s characters. The first spin-off in The walking Dead An ever-expanding universe, the show has been through its ups and downs for the past six seasons. But Fear of the walking dead Season 6 is so much better than Season 5, partly because it finally fixed the issues with Morgan (Lennie James) and partly because the elevation of the villain Virginia (Colbie Minifie) to series regular status has finally given the show a great worthy evil.

Fans eagerly await the show’s return in April, after it was forced into an extended hiatus mid-season due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now that most of the remaining nine episodes have been filmed, the promotion has increased. Recently, content director Scott M. Gimple revealed that Fear of the walking dead The season 6 portion is full of heartbreaks and revelations, suggesting that there could be big changes for the universe in the future, including the introduction of three new characters played by John Glover (Smallville), Nick Stahl (Sin City) and Keith Carradine (Old thing).

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Now the latest extended trailer has been released by AMC, and its motto mocks “death, destruction, decay”, but also hints at rebirth. The one-minute ad focuses on all of the main characters, including Morgan, Virginia, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), and John Dorie (Garrett Dillahunt). The voiceover mocks that despite all the death and destruction in the The Walking Dead universe, there is also the possibility of a new life, before the trailer introduces the mysterious new bearded character of Glover, whom Alice calls “the king of the crazy.” You can watch the trailer below:

After a strong start to the season, this latest promo shows that Fear of the walking dead Season 6 will also end on a strong note. However, the introduction of another mysterious character who appears to be a villain threatens to dilute the strong narrative drive of the last season, but hopefully Glover’s character will be cleverly integrated into the larger show rather than just confusing things. .

However, with Fear of the walking dead officially renewed for season 7, it’s clear that the new characters are being set up to potentially play a role in the future and keep fans hooked on the long-running show. With the original series ending in 2022, Fear of the walking dead will take over as the longest-running property, and it’s clear from season 6’s strongest that it’s being groomed to become the heart of The Walking Dead universe as a whole.

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