As Valentine’s Day hits the DC Universe, the popular Naruto anime franchise is confirmed to be in the DCU with a fan of the speedy superhero.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the story “A Tale of Two Titans” in DC Love Is a Battlefield # 1, by Marquis Draper, Pop Mhan, Chris Sotomayor and Rob Leigh, out now.

One of the most popular and long-running manga / anime franchises in the world is Naruto. Since it was created by Masashi Kishimoto in 1997, the eponymous ninja has thrilled millions of fans around the world for decades. And like the sequel series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues constantly, the latest DC Valentine’s Day special, DC: love is a battlefield, confirms that Naruto exists within the DC Universe.

The tale also reveals that Wallace West’s Kid Flash is a huge anime fan: Wallace West. And as Kid-Flash’s secret fandom is quietly revealed, this marks the second recent and open instance that The Flash mythos has visually referenced anime in DC adventures in continuity.

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Child Flash Naruto Cosplay

Wallace is going through first date jitters over an impending coffee race with fellow Teen Titan Red Arrow, especially after being informed that both his superhero costumes and his usual casual outfits won’t make it up to his friend and fellow sprinter Avery. Ho, The Flash from China. As Wallace frantically goes through his entire wardrobe to find a suitable outfit for the date, he emphatically contemplates wearing his Naruto cosplay, donning the costume in a flash, and even posing in the fan-favorite character’s usual ninjitsu pose. Visibly impressed, Avery points out that the orange ninja outfit is more suited to Central City’s annual anime fan convention, with Wallace continuing with his costume changes.

During the tenure of writer Joshua Williamson in The flash, Barry Allen would get his own visual callback to an even more ubiquitous manga / anime franchise: Akira Toriyama’s ever-popular. Dragon Ball. With the Speed ​​Force becoming increasingly unstable after Barry and Wally West’s heated confrontation during the “Flash War” story arc, Barry found that he could temporarily overload himself with raw Speed ​​Force energy for a significant boost. of power. This boost allowed him to triumph over Captain Cold in a pocket dimension created by the supervillain after Cold gained his own temporary connection to the Speed ​​Force and upgrades from the omnipotent Apex Lex Luthor during DC’s Year of the Villain. Barry’s transformation was visually inspired by Dragon BallThe Super Saiyan transformation, including with Flash’s rogue reformed Pied Piper referring to Barry as such after witnessing the supercharged state firsthand.

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Flash Super Saiyan

Fortunately for Wallace’s love life, Naruto’s cosplay remains in his closet at home, but the reveal marks another visible anime influence in the DCU. With the art form already having a visual impact on the current state of the Flash family as they step into the brave new world of Infinite Frontier, more iconic DC heroes could host their own inspirations and appreciations for anime in fun and fun ways. surprising.

And maybe, Wallace could get a chance to put that Naruto cosplay into action the next time Central City holds an anime convention in town.

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