Filmmaker Christopher Landon has made a mark in Hollywood with his unique approach to horror comedies, with films such as Happy death day and its sequel, and 2020 Rare. Fans have long wondered if we could get a second sequel to Happy death day someday. In a recent interview, Landon confirmed that he has every intention of making a third film in the series as part of an entire trilogy.

“Really, first of all, I had wanted and still want to do a third movie in the Happy Death Day franchise just because I wrote an idea. I didn’t write the whole script, I’m not that crazy. But I had outlined a third movie because I really knew what I wanted it to go and it was kind of a conclusion. It was a trilogy for me, so it’s too bad I haven’t had a chance to do that movie yet and I know Jessica Rothe really wants to do it. “

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Happy death day tells the story of college student Tree, played by Jessica Rothe. Tree’s life is trapped in a never-ending twenty-four hour cycle in which she is repeatedly murdered by a mysterious assailant unless he can discover the identity of the killer. The sequel, Happy death day 2U, ended in suspense with government involvement and one of Tree’s enemy friends getting caught in a new loop. It seems that Landon intends to resolve the suspense with a third film.

Meanwhile, fans also want Tree to appear in a crossover movie with Millie, the lead in Landon’s other horror comedy hit. Rare. That’s an idea Landon isn’t very excited about, as the filmmaker explains that, unlike the Happy Death Day franchise, Rare it had always been intended to be a unique movie.

“In terms of a Freaky sequel, you know, I don’t think it’s ever going to happen, because I honestly don’t know if the studio has an appetite for a sequel. I think they’re pretty comfortable with it being a standalone movie and to be honest, So am I, because we didn’t really have an idea for a sequel. It wasn’t like, “Oh, this has to be the continuation of this story,” whereas with Happy Death Movies movies that had a lifetime after that, but you never know. You never know what might happen. I’d love to see, you know, Millie and Tree together in a movie. But I don’t know what that movie is. “

Directed by Christopher Landon, Rare features a main cast comprised of Vince Vaughn, Kathryn Newton, Celeste O’Connor, Misha Oshervich, Uriah Shelton, Alan Ruck, Katie Finneran and Dana Drori. The film tells the story of a high school student who trades bodies with a ruthless serial killer and has twenty-four hours to return to his body before the exchange becomes permanent. Soon was the first to report this.

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