Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 includes the S Pen, 120Hz refresh rate, and 5G, but the iPad Air 4’s A14 is faster and has access to better apps optimized for tablets.

SamsungThe Galaxy Tab S7 is a good mid-range tablet with a similar size and many of the same features as Apple’s iPad Air 4. Rather than comparing the entry price of these tablets, it may be interesting for anyone looking for a tablet that can work and play to push the specs and find out what is possible with these two high-quality options.

The iPad Air 4 was announced in September at the first of the company’s three year-end events, unusual for Apple. 2020 was a year full of unexpected, which were caused in part by the global pandemic and shipping delays. The first product to get Apple’s latest mobile processor is usually the iPhone, but in 2020 that honor went to the iPad Air 4. In another twist, the new A14 beat out the A12Z, which is found in the more expensive iPad Pro models. Many expected the iPad Air 4 to work with the A13, which would follow the normal pattern. Still, Apple was on a roll, putting out a series of big updates at each event, sparking consumer interest and generating record fourth-quarter revenue.

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From Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 It matches many of the same specs as its high-end tablet, the Galaxy Tab S7 +, differing only in physical size, battery capacity, and display technology. The Tab S7 uses an advanced LCD screen instead of the more expensive OLED of the larger model. However, Samsung makes bright, beautiful displays and its tablet boasts a fast 120Hz refresh rate, which provides a smoother scrolling than the iPad Air 4, which uses the more common 60Hz refresh rate LCD. . The Galaxy Tab S7 has a screen measurement of 11 inches diagonally, very similar to the 10.9-inch screen on the Apple tablet. the iPad Air 4 It has a much faster processor, the latest from Apple, whereas Samsung’s launch was earlier in the year and uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+. This chip is significantly slower than the current best Android chip, the Snapdragon 888, found in the Galaxy S21 smartphone. For browsing and media consumption, the difference may not be noticeable, but for heavy video processing or complicated music tracks with effects, Apple’s tablet will have an advantage.

Samsung Vs Apple: prices and configurations

Samsung tablet

At its top configuration, the iPad Air 4 maxes out at 256GB of storage and Wi-Fi plus LTE at a cost of $ 879. For a tablet almost as powerful as an iPad Pro, this is a great deal. The Galaxy Tab S7 can go up to 512GB and has the option of 5G connectivity, but combining these two doesn’t seem to be possible on Samsung’s website or anywhere else at the moment. That means buyers have to choose between 5G support with 128GB at $ 850 or more of Wi-Fi data-only storage. From the available options, it is clear that the two tablets are similarly priced. Samsung adds additional value with 5G speeds, while Apple doubles the storage space with 256GB. There are other differences that can help you make a decision. While both have the option of using a pressure-sensitive stylus and trackpad keyboard, Samsung includes the S Pen, but Apple charges an additional $ 130 for the second-gen Apple Pencil, resulting in a price advantage for the Tab S7.

A significant difference between the two tablets is the ecosystem. IPad Air 4 is based on iPadOS and is compatible with iOS applications. The apps often include an iPhone and iPad version, sometimes they even include Apple Watch and Mac apps for the same price. This provides an additional incentive for Apple device owners to stick with the brand. To a lesser extent, the same is true for Android. Apps that work on a Samsung smartphone will work on your tablet as well, although the app is less likely to have a version specifically designed for a tablet-sized screen. This is one of the reasons for Apple’s leadership in the tablet market. In general, users prefer one operating system over another, although it is not very difficult to mix and match, you just lose some of the convenience and familiarity until a new muscle memory is created for each type of device. When it comes to mid-range tablets, users are more likely to cross over as the tablet may not be used in a professional environment that requires streamlined workflows. That makes the decision between the iPad Air 4 and the Galaxy Tab S7 somewhat difficult and more a matter of personal preference.

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