game of Thrones It may be over in 2019, but HBO definitely won’t let that IP go forever. Despite the guidance by Naomi Watts blood Moon The spin-off set during Age of Heroes was canceled after failing to rework the pilot, Dragon House It quickly replaced it and is scheduled for a 2022 launch on HBO’s premium channel and new streaming service.

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Recently, a Tales of Dunk and Egg The spin-off is reportedly in early talks, and even more recently a report surfaced stating that an animated series is also in early development. HBO is closely cooperating with George RR Martin to expand its on-screen universe beyond the original flagship show. Animation is an exciting new place where the world A song of ice and fire can go so this is why this could be a great idea.

10 Newly discovered western appreciation for animation

Promotional art for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

In recent years, the western part of the world has seemed to have a greater appreciation for animated works, taking them more seriously as a medium of storytelling that can appeal to a wide demographic simultaneously and / or individually. Anime has become more mainstream and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Ironically it became the favorite Spider-Man movie of many fans thanks to its heartfelt story / characters, beautiful implementation, and fearless acceptance of the comic book aesthetic.

Meanwhile, Netflix created one of the few positively received video game adaptations in the form of Castlevania T.V. series. Animation doesn’t automatically relegate a story to any age group, so why not have game of Thrones get bold here?

9 Castlevania’s approach

Art for Castlevania Season 3 on Netflix

Talking about Netflix Castlevania definitely presents an example of western animation that attracts an older audience. There is a lot of quality mature anime.Vinland Saga, Maddened (1997), Monsteretc – and even western animations–Return of the dark knight, part one Y Two, Under the red hood, etc., but this approach took longer to take hold firmly in the west.

It’s based on fantasy / vampire video games, so CastlevaniaThe premise is inherently fantastic, but that’s a bonus here. The show is really well written, brilliantly animated and drawn, and the actors do an excellent job in their respective performances, culminating in an excellent example of quality maturity-oriented animation. Following that creative template could be a great game of Thrones cleave.

8 Hypothetical Season 8 Redemption

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen in the eighth season of Game of Thrones

Surely the most “fan-requested” fan request to ponder online, but since this reported animated project is in early development, which means it may not even get the green light (a Blood Moon), the details are, at best, surface level and a redemption from the maligned final season of game of Thrones You may have found your greatest opportunity. Fans can’t change the ending of the original, as throwing in another ~ $ 60 million + on a direct mulligan with the original cast is more than unlikely, but an animated “alternate ending” spinoff is not unreasonable.

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Given the surprising revival of the franchise (DC, Marvel, Star Wars), obtaining an animation game of Thrones The spin-off that is a one-season limited series, doing an “alternate season eight” in 10-12 episodes, is creatively / financially feasible if HBO wants it. Titling it in part after Martin’s last planned book, for example, “Game of Thrones: A Spring Dream,” would drive maximum brand and marketing recognition.

7 Long term project

HBO and HBO Max logos

It is not clear how long Dragon House will run (not to mention the potential Dunk and egg) beyond the first season, if any longer, but this possible animated series could be HBO’s next “long-term” commitment to the channel and Max, if the former is more concise. While quality art and animation are certainly expensive, but having established its comparative potential / profitability for live action productions, it could be more financially sustainable.

That could be an important clue, considering HBO’s determination to expand into Martin’s world. It could also be the answer to avoid burning down the franchise, balancing long-term ambitions and holding on to fans, with the added bonus of exploring an exciting new artistic approach to Thrones.

6 Relive the age of heroes

The King of the Night on HBO's Game of Thrones

Circling back to blood Moon, some fans expressed disappointment when it was announced that the Naomi Watts series was scrapped, and it is understandable to some extent. It makes sense that the Targaryens have a clear appeal among many fans, but Age of Heroes would have been a potentially refreshing change of pace in terms of setup, as well as having Watts’ star power attached.

Exploring the era of the Children of the Forest, the First Men, and potentially Azor Ahai fighting the Night King in the original Battle for Dawn sounds like a grand-scale story. If multiple derivatives are being discussed, this could be the return ticket from that era, at least. Animation can provide narrative framing of stories that live action cannot, so if live action television could not be saved, then animation could bring new creative freedoms.

5 The conquest of Aegon

House of the Dragon series for HBO and art from Balerion the Dread by Jordi Gonzalez Escamilla

The most apparent premise that Dragon House will tackle is the Dance of the Dragons, the Targaryen civil war that broke out, which resulted in the near extinction of the dragons and proved to be the beginning of the end of the house’s influence over Westeros. The castings conducted so far show that, but it is unclear if Aegon I Targaryen will participate in any way.

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He was famous for the “Aegon conquest” of Westeros when the Targaryens migrated from Essos due to the Bane of Valyria. If that conquest does not appear, 2D animation could be a great way to portray it on screen and with the freedoms that the format can provide. In particular, considering CGI for Balerion the Dread would be a monumental task.

4 Proven Western Animation Studios

Dracula in Castlevania and the new Blood of Zeus series, both streamed on Netflix

If HBO gave the green light to an animated series, but it’s not an anime, there are proven animation studios to the west that should work wonders in this world. Some easy picks would be Powerhouse Animation Studio:Castlevania, Blood of Zeus– and Frederator Studios – too Castlevania–with the latter coincidentally already working with HBO on their streaming service cheering Adventure Time: Far Lands.

Powerhouse style definitely prevails in both Castlevania Y Blood of Zeus, and a similar style of clean, grounded art and crisp, fluid animation would feel right at home in a game of Thrones Serie.

3 Expanding the animation

Daenerys rides Drogon in Game of Thrones season 7

If this happens and is critically successful, it could mean more animated endeavors, helping to continue the positive trend of critically praised adult animated series. The aforementioned Netflix shows have been helping this new appreciation for the medium, but a successful production for a Thrones The spinoff series would certainly get the message home faster.

Despite the hard landing the original show had, it was a cultural phenomenon and the most acclaimed adult fantasy show. With this upward trend, it’s surprising that an animated spinoff has yet to be officially announced / green-lit.

2 Competition

Disney + and Netflix logos

Disney has made no secret of its massive expansion into Disney + with Marvel and Star Wars. Plenty of spin-offs are coming to the service in the next few years, and Netflix is ​​always looking for more content as well. HBO Max is in its infancy and you will need to be strategic in how you can attract subscribers through quality original content.

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DC and game of ThronesRelated projects are tools for expansion, and animated works seem like an advantage if you plan to create multiple shows, even for Martin’s world. Filming is understandably going to be more difficult for the foreseeable future, so practicality is crucial, but offering variety is another major advantage. Fans would have exciting content addressing different stylistic concepts and HBO would remain competitive in the streaming arena.

one Original story

Concept art of Dragonstone from the book The World of Ice & Fire

Another option is to create an original story in Martin’s world of A song of ice and fire through the lens of animation. Understandably, there is more demand from fans of book franchises to adapt the original materials, but with a fantasy world like Martin’s, creating something new is not unfathomable.

There are many places in the world that writers can create that can be as isolated as necessary from the histories established in world history. Martin will likely be needed to steer the ship to some degree, but animation is a relatively low risk (ish), high reward way of doing something new for derivatives.

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