Godzilla might be the king of kaiju, and Kong might be the most recognizable ape outside of a Nintendo game, but they’re certainly not the first famous monsters to lock horns on a host of humans in the crossfire. The monsters and demons of the silver screen have been mixing since the days of Frankenstein.

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When famous monsters fight, things get over the top and ridiculous to the point of becoming rigamaroles, but isn’t that the point? Godzilla and King Kong might be the closest title fight in the future, but there are other fans who would be equally excited to see, no matter how strange they are.

10 Dracula vs. Frankenstien

Dracula and Frankenstien Monster

Classics never die, and since both Count Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster are in the public domain, anything from an original Syfy movie to a summer blockbuster could bring these two together. Although, the script would have to be gold to be taken seriously.

The Universal Monsters are icons of the horror genre and with the failure of the Dark Universe, wouldn’t it be great if they released a classic creature feature just for the fun of it? It is time to go back to the roots.

9 The ghost vs. The Mummy

Speaking of the Dark Universe, the next movie in the failed franchise was supposed to be a take on The Phantom of the Opera. Bringing the two of them together would be overkill, but not impossible. Furthermore, the script could open up new ways of interpreting source material.

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The undead Egyptian in question to have to be Tom Cruise’s version, and there are plenty of museums in Paris for the Phantom to sneak in. Now that I think about it, this could be a very versatile story.

8 Fireflies vs. The Sawyers

When it comes to murderous families, the two biggest of the genre have to be the Sawyers of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Firefly family of House of 1000 corpses. Honestly, how come Rob Zombie hasn’t turned this idea into a movie yet?

Both families are remarkably similar; A group of southern psychopaths in central Texas who enjoy torturing and maiming travelers could turn into a true Hatfield-McCoy-style feud. Also, who wouldn’t want to see Leatherface tear Otis apart?

7 Hellboy vs. Sword

Hellboy vs. Blade

Although it could technically be a monster hunter versus monster hunter, a cross between the two certainly wouldn’t be unwanted. As long as del Toro is in charge, this concept would be rich with classic creature features.

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Naturally, the movie is more than likely to see the two characters band together to fight a common enemy (Dracula maybe?) And take on an entire nest of vampires. Simple, but so effective.

6 Sam vs. Krampus

The holidays are a time for get-togethers, and wouldn’t it be great if the terrifying trick or treat were pulled with the Shadow of Saint Nicholas? The two Michael Dougherty creations know how to sow a little Christmas scare, so it would certainly be interesting to see the two come together in strange and terrifying circumstances.

Maybe someone is tired of people dressing up as Santa on Halloween, maybe someone doesn’t like that there are two scary holidays on the calendar. Either way, the two characters have more than enough reasons to take down.

5 Michael Myers vs. Jason

Silent yet deadly, these two classic slasher characters have enough in common to justify a grudge fight. Maybe Laurie Strode and her family make the mistake of hiding near Camp Crystal Lake and things turn into an all-out turf war?

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Jason could make Michael beat him in strength and size, but the Form can certainly hold its own with his stamina and endurance alone. Spectators could have quite a long fight.

4 Freddy vs. Pennywise

Freddy Krueger IT Pennywise similar

Freddy has already thrown sharp hands at Jason, but what if he dealt with another demonic creature that preyed on people’s nightmares? Like the previous entry, it would certainly be a long and interesting fight.

Both Freddy and Pennywise have a sickly sense of humor, sometimes bordering on cartoons, but their tenacity and vicious appetites for the souls of young victims would certainly cause a rivalry. As seen in Freddy vs. Jason Krueger doesn’t take very well with people who get close to his victims, and Pennywise would be quite the contender.

3 Xenomorph vs. The thing

Now, this would be a fight that would be broadcast throughout the galaxy. Both the Xenomorph and the Thing are some of the most terrifying creatures on the other side of the stars, watching them fight would be a complete bloodbath.

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The only thing that could make this concept even scarier would be a hybrid between the two terrors. At that point, even Predator would need a serious backup to stop that monstrosity.

2 Kong vs. Clover

It may seem like an odd combo at first, but since King Kong and Clover have the common battlefield of New York City, this pair could very well be in the realm of possibility. Of course, it would take some serious creative liberties.

That said, Clover, whether reanimated or a new species, would have some significant advantages over the great ape. But, if Kong can fight multiple beasts on Skull Island, who’s to say that he couldn’t tear the beast apart from the depths?

one Godzilla vs. Gamera

One is a gigantic reptile with radioactive powers loved by a sea of ​​fanatics, the other is Godzilla. Jokes aside, Gamera is an often-overlooked Godzilla alternative who might be tired of living in the shadow of the big guy. Maybe it’s time for some action?

Although an attempt was made to unite them in 2002, the colossal kaiju has yet to find its way to a title fight. With the revival in popularity of kaiju, maybe Gamera could see a remake in the future?

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