Grand Theft Auto 6 Everywhere’s rival might be nothing like the Rockstar franchise. A patent patch has opened the curtain on the mysterious game.

After Rockstar North President Leslie Benzies parted ways with the company in 2016, he set out to bring his own virtual world to life. The executive founded the Build A Rocket Boy Games studio that same year and began working on Everywhere, an enigmatic launch that was long expected to rival Grand theft auto 6. Little was known about the Benzies debut project until a batch of patents for the GTA 6 competitor leaked and revealed that Everywhere After all, it might be nothing like Rockstar’s open world series.

Build A Rocket Boy filed two patents detailing what appeared to be fundamental game design and world building methods for an unnamed project. Everywhere it is the only game the company has stated that it is working on, suggesting that proprietary techniques would be used in its development. Even so, patents are not a clear confirmation of what a company is working on. Benzies and his studio could be planning a separate release, or they could end up scrapping the ideas entirely. Still, the docs are the best look at the internals of Build A Rocket Boy that players have received, and if they really refer to Everywhere, could be different to anyone GTA title never.

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The biggest revelation to come out of the patents is that Everywhere it could be a virtual reality game. The documents detail several VR-like features that could appear in the title, plus Benzies also owns a separate company titled VR-Chitect Limited, which designs virtual reality hardware and software, according to The scotch. Rumor has it that Rockstar might release an open-world VR eventually, but Everywhere it could be so much more than an open world adventure.

GTA 6 Rival: How could it be everywhere?

GTA 6 Rival Everywhere: Patents Reveal How Rockstar Could Beat Patent Image 2

The patents revealed Build A Rocket Boy’s ideas to create a virtual overworld that would serve as a digital hub for users to socialize, purchase in-game or real-world items, and play with friends. That sounds more like a virtual reality platform that would rival social networks like Facebook rather than compete with GTA 6. One of the games that can be played indoors Everywhere is a strange music-centric battle royale game mode, which Build A Rocket Boy vaguely explains in its patents.

The concept described in the documentation sounded like a title for a library of games that users could access and play. That could mean that Everywhere could look like Dreams on PlayStation 4, a platform that allows gamers to create and play user-generated content. The most significant difference is that Everywhere It would also have a shared and explorable virtual reality environment that would act as a lobby for the games that Build A Rocket Boy or users create.

The possibilities are endless based on the patent information, but EverywhereThe concepts could be too ambitious to become a reality in the next few years. Build A Rocket Boy received more than $ 40 million in investment in September 2020, and he has been steadily increasing his hiring, suggesting he’s working on something big. Players can’t be sure until Benzies and his team reveal what they’ve been developing for so many years, but for now, it looks like it won’t be anything like that. Grand theft auto 6.

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