Halloween creator John Carpenter admits that Halloween Kills may have to go live at the same time it hits theaters.

John Carpenter admits Halloween deaths it may have to be launched in streaming. Carpenter launched what would become the Hallowe’en franchise with its original 1978 horror classic starring Jamie Lee Curtis as a babysitter threatened by a masked killer.

After Carpenter got things started with his slow-recording masterpiece, other filmmakers took up the torch to continue the saga of serial killer Michael Myers (with some strange detours like Halloween 3 thrown into the mix). Perhaps most notably, Rob Zombie took over as caretaker of the Hallowe’en name of a couple of movies released in 2007 and 2009 respectively, but Carpenter himself has discarded Myers’ version of Zombie. Carpenter, however, backed the latest reboot attempt Hallowe’en, the 2018 film directed by David Gordon Green, a film so successful that it has spawned not one but two sequels, the next Halloween deaths Y Halloween ends. Carpenter was so on board with Green’s Halloween vision, in fact, he donned his songwriter hat and contributed to the 2018 movie soundtrack.

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Carpenter may not be the main creative force behind the Hallowe’en movies, but he’s still involved with them as a kind of spirit guide, and of course, like Carpenter, he’s always happy to give his opinion on the franchise (or anything else). The latest version of Carpenter Halloween deaths However, it may not be something Blumhouse and Universal want to hear. In an interview with the famous British music magazine NME, Carpenter spoke about the possibilities of the second new Hallowe’en movie that will be released in streaming at the same time that it is released in theaters and admitted that this is a possibility:

“Sure. Halloween can be shared that way because the theaters are dead. It’s just reality right now. And it’s a tragedy, but it’s true. We just have to face it. The studio got in touch with David and me, and we they put off the new one a year in the hope that things would get better. So we still hope it gets better. “

Halloween deaths as Carpenter mentions, it was supposed to come out in October 2020 before being postponed when COVID rocked Hollywood and the rest of the world. So far, there have been no indications that the movie will premiere on stream at the same time it hits theaters, but such a move seems like a distinct possibility as more studios adopt some sort of streaming option for moviegoers who don’t want to be. brave. Theaters restricted by COVID. The largest film ever released through the broadcast and theater model was Wonder Woman 1984, the first of many Warner Bros. movies to be released on HBO Max and in theaters at the same time.

By the looks of it, Carpenter is resigned to the reality that the theatrical release model is practically dead, at least until COVID is under control, something that may not be for a long time. It’s definitely sad that the movie-going experience evidently follows the path of the dinosaur, and it’s doubly sad when you consider a movie like Halloween deathsGiven the nature of horror, a genre best experienced in a crowded theater. Hopefully Carpenter will be proven wrong about the death of theaters and fans will soon be able to re-watch their favorite movies with strangers in the dark.

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Source: NME

  • Halloween Deaths (2021)Release Date: Oct 15, 2021
  • End of Halloween (2022)Release Date: Oct 14, 2022

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