Halo Infinite features a large open world that would benefit from making the iconic hidden skulls as collectibles rather than handing them out to players.

Although in its essence aura The games are first person shooter games, the franchise has grown into different things to different people over the years. As such, Halo’s The diverse range of play styles lends itself to almost anyone’s enjoyment. Through the years aura has made some minor changes to the game’s format, but one thing has remained constant: skulls. While Halo Reach Y Halo 4 delivered the iconic skulls from the series to players from the start, Infinite Halo You need to continue the tradition of making skulls hidden in collectibles.

Skulls have been part of aura as Halo: Combat Evolved was released for the original Xbox in 2001. Originally, these skulls were hidden throughout the campaign for players to find and collect. They could then be applied at the beginning of each level to modify the gameplay, making the campaign more difficult, random, or fun. However, in Halo Reach Y Halo 4 the skulls were withdrawn from the campaign and were available from the beginning. This gave players little incentive to explore each map and made the skulls feel less exciting. Fortunately, the hidden skulls returned in Halo 5 so they are likely to hide once more in Infinite Halo.

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This article will not speculate on whether 343 Industries will make skulls as hidden collectibles, but rather why it should. Skulls add layers to Halo’s playability and give levels of replayability. While some players won’t mind searching every nook and cranny for a skull that will remove their HUD, adding a collectible item to thon a Infinite Halo it can intrigue a wider audience.

Skulls must be hidden in Halo Infinite

Halo 3 Skull

The main reason why Infinite Halo You need to hide your gameplay by modifying skulls due to the appeal of hidden collectibles. It’s more fun having to find Halo’s skulls of what should be given to them all from the start. Hiding them also adds more content to the game, albeit a small amount, that makes players want to replay levels in a campaign. Getting some skulls can be a bit challenging too, adding layers of tension to already intense sequences. Some skulls hidden in Halo 2 and 3 it required the player to kill an enemy that only appeared for a certain period of time, which made the player feel like they were racing against the clock.

Recalling the sentiment that Halo offers a wide range of playstyles, some fans only play Halo for the campaign. If someone is paying $ 60 just for the campaign, 343 Industries should try to squeeze as much of it as they can. Skulls would be an easy addition to the game, as most of them are hidden behind a rock or on the edge of a building. Skulls also encourage exploration, as many Halo’s The levels are beautifully designed, but offer little incentive for players to stray off the beaten track. Making hidden collectible skulls and adding more things for players to collect would play in favor of Halo Infinite open world. If the levels are as wide as 343 Industries boasts, they must be packed with visible content to make the world feel dense rather than useless.

Halo 3 is an excellent example of a first person shooter game that balances easily navigable levels with exploration. He keeps secrets and traditions in every corner as he concentrates on the shootouts and leads the player where he needs to go. A big reason why Halo 3 is hailed as one of the best aura Titles are due to the amount of visibility you offer with your campaign. Infinite Halo You can capitalize on that sense of discovery by starting by making hidden skulls as collectibles once again.

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Infinite Halo It will be available for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC in 2021.

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